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Nice book


Nice hair

And I won a trial!

But then my day rapidly went downhill from 4pm:
I left work late so I had to miss yoga.
I thought I’d go for a haircut but my hairdresser is not free to see me.
My office has degenerated into a disaster area while I was at trial.



Last Friday afternoon, I gave a seminar for 2 hours. Thereafter, I couldn’t talk to anyone for a day to recover from the trauma of public speaking.

This morning, I did a trial for 3 hours (at the end of which I won!!!). After all the cross-examination and oral closing submissions, I am now unable to carry on any extended conversations with anyone.

You know what’s wrong with me? I don’t like the sound of my own voice enough, which is odd considering that I like my singing voice.

On the bright side, I thought my cross-ex was quite good today. I fizzled out during closing, as usual. But the cross-ex was great. I am still high from it.


Conversation between Champagne Truffle and I after the trial:

Me: Do you wany to gallivant or go back to eat firm lunch?
He: I don’t know.
Me: Can you form an opinion?
He: Tough, given that I spent all morning not forming an opinion.
Me: How about what do you want to eat if we go gallivant?
He: Oh dear! Another opinion to form! And a difficult one!
Me: You know what? Screw it. Let’s just go back for firm lunch so we don’t have to think about this.


I’m going off to try to salvage the second half of my day by getting a pedicure.


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I have been experiencing some difficulties at work involving a new staff not being able to integrate with the existing staff working for me. It is causing me quite a bit of a headache and I seriously have no idea how I am supposed to get everyone going in such circumstances.

You can’t really change people’s attitudes towards each other just by telling them to get along. Everyone is just…different and function differently. That’s the trick, I guess. You have got to learn to work to each and every one of their differences and shortcomings.

Thankfully, the staff in question is currently out of office, which gave me an opportunity to talk to her immediate boss to see how we can make this all work in the long run. We have talked over a few options and I just really hope that we can make it stick until at least the end of the year because it is so difficult to hire for the position.

This is actually more tiring than my real work.

I don’t think I like managing people at all.


In other news, after about a year of yoga 2 to 3 days a week, I have finally lifted up into an unsupported head stand!

I am insanely pleased with myself.

In the words of The Other Half, The operative word is insane.

Now I have just got to work at lifting into a hand stand.


I used to tell myself: I need to lose weight so that I can look hot.

Then after giving birth, I told myself: I need to lose weight so that I can wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes again so I won’t need a whole new wardrobe.

Now I want to lose weight so that I can hold my entire body weight up with my hands.

Talk about self-actualisation. 😀

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I’ve started doing yoga from a month back or so to try to regain some flexibility in my (healed) broken toes. This entails leaving work at 4:30pm for 2 days a week to make it to a 5:00pm class further down the river. The knock on effect is that I get home earlier for dinner, fresh from a shower, and get to hang out with the kids longer than on most nights.

While I entered the studio on Tuesday, the lady at the desk said Oh! Your class bundle is almost finished now!

Sitting on the mat in the 5 minutes before class started, it dawned upon me that by forcing me to leave work at 4:30pm two days a week, yoga has essentially forced me not just into strange extremes which I hitherto never thought I could achieve (like standing on my head!), but had forced me to make myself a priority for two days a week, to push away work and other extenuating circumstances just to have one hour to myself, sweating it out. It’s been really good not just physically, but mentally as well.

So, I say to myself (with a pat on the back): I am committed to you and will continue to make you a priority.


Someone at work said to me:

Leaving work one hour earlier is morally wrong.

To which I replied:

How is it more morally wrong than say coming to work at 10am or eating lunch till 3pm, both of which you do on a daily basis?

Besides, I regularly stay late at work all other times. So technically, the company owes me hours, not the other way round.

It is people like that who ensure that all this talk about flexi-hours and work-life balance will remain just talk. Said person also regularly complains to me about how she is not able to strike any balance in life or find time for herself after having a child.

And anyway, I can stand on my head? Can you? No? Then, go away because I am one up on you.


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On my birthday last year, I decided that I will no longer tolerate mediocrity because it would be a poor reflection of me as a person and I am far too old to waste my time getting my knees dirty in that sludgy pond.

I was perplexed and upset over the last three weeks because of a slew of events at work, which are actually still continuing to plague me up to this moment but less so because of certain measures I have taken.

I came into work this morning and for some strange reason, in spite of the fact that I still hurt all over from yoga class on Tuesday evening, in spite of the fact that I have some mother-load of work to do, I felt strangely hopeful and happy.

I have just spent the better part of my morning tying up ends in my files, answering mail, doing all of the little mundane housekeeping things that I actually enjoy doing.

And then it hit me.

I can’t stop mediocrity in other people simply because I can’t help you think or teach you how to think. I can’t teach you how to cut and paste intelligently. I can’t teach you how to take ownership and responsibility for the bad drafts that you continually churn out. I can’t stop you from giving me stupid excuses like “Oh, there are all these typos because my keyboard is not working properly” or “I asked everyone and no one knows how to do it so I don’t as well.” I can’t help you take notes accurately in hearings. I can’t help all of that just as I can’t help that you wear too much cologne and give me a migraine every time you stand next to my table.

But what I can do instead is to choose not to let it get me down, knowing that I can’t and I shouldn’t fix you when your mind is closed to the idea that you need fixing.

So please leave my doorway and come back again when you decide that you actually want to learn the craft with your heart and your mind and care about doing it right, instead of just doing the work blindly, like the lights are on and nobody’s home, like it’s all just business as usual as a game of monopoly.

Just like piano, I can only teach you how to do what I do and how to go on doing what I do if you actually want to learn.

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