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I ask myself a lot whether I am a good mother.

I don’t really like to clean and don’t clean all that much.
I don’t stay at home all day with the children and pander to their every need.
Sometimes I don’t answer their questions and tell them to be quiet because I have a headache.
Sometimes I troll them for fun.
And I talk about my work more than I talk about my kids really.
Sometimes I also wished they would go to bed earlier so that I can so stuff I like to do.

Then I find these notes in my handbag at work:


…and think maybe, just maybe, in spite of all of my shortcomings I might be actually doing something right.


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It’s Teachers’ Day today and the daycare is closed. So I took the kids to work with me for half  day and arranged to meet my parents for lunch around the Marina Bay Financial District. The idea is that this is an area they would ordinarily not visit on their own and there are quite a few nice places I take my clients for lunch to around the area.

I had a quick discussion with Champagne Truffle about which of the restaurants would be more suitable for my kids and parents and he started telling me about how much he disliked taking his parents out for food or coffee because they’d ask him how much it costs and give him disapproving looks. Hahaha! Luckily I don’t have that problem with my parents.

It was a great morning. I managed to do two defences and complete an advice and see Catholic Girl about a buncha her stuff. The kids hung around and drew on all the rough paper (something that we are never in short supply of in a law firm), played with our toy cars (we give them to people to explain to us how car accidents happen!) and gawk at my printer/fax/photocopier.


We didn’t manage to get a table at either of the restaurants I shortlisted though. In the end, the kiddies and I took a walk along the bay down to MBS and I took my parents to pizza at Mozza Osteria.

We then came home and took a really long nap.

It was a great day 😀

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I have spent two weeks after the departure of Commando and Catholic Girl went on Call Break doing 2 persons’ work.

Then I spent one week thereafter doing 3 persons’ work because Champagne Truffle went on holiday, a holiday he had booked because he thought that Commando would cover his work but then Commando left so tough luck.

So I haven’t done any of my own work for 3 weeks now. It is making my scalp itch and setting my teeth on edge. I am in perpetual high alert to duck in case anything explodes. I have spent many days laughing too much (because laughing is my coping mechanism) and many nights at home playing sad Chopin Nocturnes till midnight to wind down. It is not pretty.

Then on Monday, all the people on leave came back, much to my relief.

But The Buddha decided to have a protracted thermonuclear meltdown for an entire week, culminating in me spending two hours this morning just counselling people.

I thought that I could come into work today and look at my own files and answer my mail and feel better about life in general. But the morning is over, all I have done is to draft one overdue application and I have to scoot off to Court in the afternoon. This is just not happening for me.

I think I need a holiday from these people except that I have a new paralegal coming in on Monday and I have to reorganise the work to fit her into the team. So I am just going to down a shot of vodka (!!) and head out to Court to get on with the program.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate being middle management?

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Nice book


Nice hair

And I won a trial!

But then my day rapidly went downhill from 4pm:
I left work late so I had to miss yoga.
I thought I’d go for a haircut but my hairdresser is not free to see me.
My office has degenerated into a disaster area while I was at trial.



Last Friday afternoon, I gave a seminar for 2 hours. Thereafter, I couldn’t talk to anyone for a day to recover from the trauma of public speaking.

This morning, I did a trial for 3 hours (at the end of which I won!!!). After all the cross-examination and oral closing submissions, I am now unable to carry on any extended conversations with anyone.

You know what’s wrong with me? I don’t like the sound of my own voice enough, which is odd considering that I like my singing voice.

On the bright side, I thought my cross-ex was quite good today. I fizzled out during closing, as usual. But the cross-ex was great. I am still high from it.


Conversation between Champagne Truffle and I after the trial:

Me: Do you wany to gallivant or go back to eat firm lunch?
He: I don’t know.
Me: Can you form an opinion?
He: Tough, given that I spent all morning not forming an opinion.
Me: How about what do you want to eat if we go gallivant?
He: Oh dear! Another opinion to form! And a difficult one!
Me: You know what? Screw it. Let’s just go back for firm lunch so we don’t have to think about this.


I’m going off to try to salvage the second half of my day by getting a pedicure.


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Commando left our employment on Tuesday. Trainee J left for her month-long holiday before her call this morning. As such, we have been drinking non-stop since last Friday.

I came into work today and sat at my desk, inundated with files.

I miss them horribly already.


It so transpired that Commando will be leaving for a holiday on Friday. This will be the first time in his life he is travelling alone.

When we were drinking together on Tuesday evening, he told us that his mother doesn’t know about him going on a holiday alone yet.

Say what?!

Apparently when he told his mother that he quit his job, his mother gave him such an earful that he could not tell her then that he was going to fly off to some strange country alone. Then he left it and now plans to call her from the airport.


After drinks, we parted at the bottom of our office block with tips on picking up chicks in bars and all of our well wishes.

May you find true love and happiness.


My son went on an excursion yesterday to Sentosa with his classmates and I made him wear a pair of sandals instead of shoes to school.

At 8:45am, while I was standing in the train on my way to work, I received an irate phone call from The Other Half telling me that my son refused to go into school because he didn’t want the sandals and wanted the shoes instead. According to Lion, My friends will laugh at me!

When you come home tonight, can you please talk to your son to sort out his problems?!? exclaimed The Other Half.

I was mildly amused by that exclamation. Then I remembered Commando and his inability to tell his mother that he was leaving for a holiday alone.

It’s really difficult, don’t you think? Your husband expects you to conduct these pep talks with your son. Then your son grows up to be so scared of your pep talks that he can’t tell you where he is going.


I didn’t have that pep talk with Lion in the end. The Other Half managed to shove him through the school gate after about 20 minutes. He went on the excursion with his friends after all and had so much fun that he lost his voice and spent the evening with nary a peep.

When I got home, his father and him were crowded round his father’s Note 2 playing Plants vs Zombies 2 together like they are the best of friends.

Boys. I don’t think I will ever figure them out.

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From Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam:

Something struck in Moist’s head, causing him to say, “May I ask, Missus Bradshaw, if your handwriting is good?”

She looked down her nose at him and said, “Indeed yes, Mister Lipwig. I used to write a beautiful cursive script for my dear late husband. He was a lawyer and they expect excellence in the writing and use of the language. Mister Slant was always very…particular about that, and no one appreciated the judicious use of Latatian better than dear Archibald did.

“And, may I add, I was schooled at the Quirm College for Young Ladies, where they are very solid on the teaching of foreign tongues, even though Morpokian rather seems to have become the lingua quirma of late.” Mrs. Bradshaw sniffed. “And in working for my husband I learned a lot about people and the human condition.”

I do agree that working in law teaches you, among other things, an awful lot about the human condition. There is nothing quite like standing aside and watching people argue about stuff, or listening to try to understand what people argue about, how people argue, why relationships break down.

All of that makes me quite introspective about life in general, and very circumspect about the things in life that one should or should not worry about.

So I spend a fair bit of time trying to convince my children that whatever they are fighting about is just sometimes simply not worth their effort. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pick your fights wisely.


The Buddha: What are you doing?
Me: I am soaking out Sentosa Tranquility ink out of my fountain pen.
He: Wasn’t that what you’ve been doing for some weeks now?
Me: Nope. Last week I was soaking out purple. Different ink. Different pen. Different day.
He: It seems like you are forever washing out ink from somewhere. I think you are a bit obsessive about this. Maybe if you just use a normal pen…
Me: That’s like saying “Maybe if you just drive a normal Toyota Corolla…”
He: Good point.

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I have been experiencing some difficulties at work involving a new staff not being able to integrate with the existing staff working for me. It is causing me quite a bit of a headache and I seriously have no idea how I am supposed to get everyone going in such circumstances.

You can’t really change people’s attitudes towards each other just by telling them to get along. Everyone is just…different and function differently. That’s the trick, I guess. You have got to learn to work to each and every one of their differences and shortcomings.

Thankfully, the staff in question is currently out of office, which gave me an opportunity to talk to her immediate boss to see how we can make this all work in the long run. We have talked over a few options and I just really hope that we can make it stick until at least the end of the year because it is so difficult to hire for the position.

This is actually more tiring than my real work.

I don’t think I like managing people at all.


In other news, after about a year of yoga 2 to 3 days a week, I have finally lifted up into an unsupported head stand!

I am insanely pleased with myself.

In the words of The Other Half, The operative word is insane.

Now I have just got to work at lifting into a hand stand.


I used to tell myself: I need to lose weight so that I can look hot.

Then after giving birth, I told myself: I need to lose weight so that I can wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes again so I won’t need a whole new wardrobe.

Now I want to lose weight so that I can hold my entire body weight up with my hands.

Talk about self-actualisation. 😀

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