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Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

The Other Half will be sending Peanut to ballet class while I hope to go for yoga before heading home to dinner.

There will be no celebrations simply because we are so overtaken by events this year that no plans were made. Ideally we would have headed somewhere for dinner over the weekend but we had the kiddies’ year end concert to attend on Friday night and on Sunday night we attended Peanut’s ballet performance. We are also in the middle of renovations to the new place we are moving into, not to mention all of the stuff we have to do to get Peanut ready for primary school next year.

Oh well.

In this lull moment in the morning before I hop out to Court to do what I do for a living, here’s to 8 years of running this circus together. I wouldn’t dream of doing it with anyone else.

Au Petit Salut 2005

Au Petit Salut 2005


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While I was in Court this morning, the school called and told me that my daughter threw up in school during activities and asked me to arrange for someone to pick her up to go home and rest.

“Does she have a fever?” I asked.

“Not really. We isolated her in the office.”

“Oh well. Maybe she just ate too much. I’ll get someone to pick her up.” I replied.

Her teacher laughed.


I called The Other Half and he told me that the school had notified him of Peanut throwing up in school as well prior to speaking with me as I missed their first call while I was in Chambers.

He said, “Teacher asked whether she ate too much because she threw up a lot of food.”


I returned to the office after Court in the morning and received a call from my sister who was at my parents’ with the kiddies.

“I’m here with your kids. I think your daughter has a slight fever. Do you want me to give her some paracetamol?” she asked.

“How is she doing?” I asked.

“Erm…she’s upside down on her head on the sofa.”

I rolled my eyes.


I got The Buddha to take over my afternoon Court obligations and rushed home to check on the kiddies.

When I got home, my mother told me that when she asked Peanut why she threw up in school today, she blamed it on the bacon and eggs she had this morning.


After lunch, I took Peanut to the doctor’s for a check and also to get another course of antibiotics for my tonsillitis.

“What’s wrong with her?” the doctor asked.

“She threw up in school today. She claims that she has a sore throat as well but she is not the most reliable source of information.”

After a quick check, the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with her.

“Maybe she ate too much,” he said.


Oh well. At least I got the afternoon off to nurse my throat. The downside is that I had to bring the cross-examination for my trial tomorrow home to do and it is going to be a long night since I spent the afternoon passed out after starting on my antibiotics.

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I’ve just been asked to participate in an online survey on pre-school education by my kids’ pre-school which contained the question “Do you have any children?”

After I clicked yes, they told me that they have too many participants of my profile and the survey ends for me there.

I feel mind-fucked.

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One side effect of attending school is that Lion has become more assertive these days, leading to far more standoffs with him.

I suppose having to deal with so many children together for the first time in his life has brought to his realisation the concepts of ownership and personal space.


I found out last night that Lion and Peanut have learnt to band together against parental oppression. After getting chided off for making too much noise in the common corridors, they held hands in a show of solidarity and stomped their way to the car together in a joint display of their collective unhappiness.

I had to do everything to stop myself from laughing out loud.


I have been unwell for the last month or so. Not unwell enough to pack up and lay in bed all day, unfortunately, but this nagging cough refusing to be exorcised.

This morning, I walked to the train alone in the sudden blast of sun only to reach the train station with full blown hay fever. Evening has now rolled around with its heavy rains and overcast skies. I am teary-eyed and red-nosed. But the cough has gone into temporary hiding. Maybe my body can only handle one ailment at a time while my brain tries its darnedest to unwrap a two-week-old legal knot I have been meditating in most of my waking moments at work.

Spring is in the air. Time to stock up on the anti-histamines.


I walked into a shop yesterday evening and bought the pinkest bag I have ever seen in my life, handing over my credit card without asking about the price only to read it off an sms sent to me by the bank.

I am both aghast and delighted by the pink-ness, and that is in fact actually possible.

Strange how having a young daughter who wants to be a princess, in spite of you carefully taking pains to avoid the whole princess thing, can warp your perception of a hitherto intentionally pink-less life.

Same effect with having a flunkey at work I guess, and worrying over where to find more work to feed everyone this early in the year, a problem that had only recently manifested in my world.


I am tired beyond belief and in more ways than the conventional.

Can you tell?

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going to school together

going to school together

I took this picture on the walk to school this morning. Peanut insists on holding Lion’s hand. She is taking her responsibilities as big sister very seriously.


In other beginnings, I have acquired a trainee. Or in the words of Stalin, I have grown a flunkey.

In practical terms, this means that I no longer need to write my own Opening Statements for a while at least. Or drag my court bags! Muahahahahaha!!!

Oh well. It’s still early days. There’s always the very real possibility that we will grow to hate each other’s guts. Or he turns out to be a complete psycho and freak me out. Or he doesn’t get along with my girls.

I took him to Court yesterday afternoon and pointed out all the people to watch out for to him and made him laugh like hell. I also introduce my girls as the overlords, which is true since they technically run my life and make sure that I show up at the correct places at the correct times and say the correct things. Don’t ever mess with my girls. I will kill you.

I sure hope that he would find working with us if not educational, then at least entertaining. Working life could get oh so dreary so we spend our little pockets of time talking about liposuction versus wearing long skirts and other family / girl stuff.

I promised myself that I will not beat myself up this time if it doesn’t work out. Everything will not and is not necessarily due to any failing on my part.

Whatever will be, will be. 🙂

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We packed Lion off to Nursery this morning with more than a little trepidation. The Other Half thought that he might destroy something while I was mortally afraid that he’d beat someone up the way that he tries to beat up Flower.

Thankfully, when we reached school, Peanut took him by his hand and they went in together. The Other Half and I hid out of sight at the entrance and watched until the kids were separated into their respective classes. No crying still, which was a good sign, so we left and went off to work.

When I got home later that night, my father told me that Lion was fine when he picked them up after lunch. But Peanut came up to me and told me that halfway through, Lion was brought to her class because he was asking for Mummy so big sister Peanut actually took care of him.

I am really proud of Peanut. She’s really risen to the occasion and took charge of Lion today like a good sister. According to her, she even coaxed him to finish his food at lunch.

I sure hope that Lion will get used to the idea of school and stop crying soon. But all in all, considering some of the histrionics we witnrssed while in the waiting area spying on Lion, I would say that it was a rather successful first day in school. It’s tired them out so much that they’ve fallen asleep faster than usual tonight.


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