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study of a mother disciplining her son

study of a mother disciplining her son

My aunt once told me how she dreaded gifts from a certain member of the family because they usually resulted in strife among her three children either because all of them got different things which resulted in all kinds of inequalities ensuing, or all of them get craft sets which result in all kinds of messy cleaning up after the event.

Said person usually shrug and say “I don’t care. I’m just giving the gift and it looks like fun.” So in the end, I took over the gift buying and adopted the books for everyone policy so Christmastime became less of a random horror selection for my aunt [if only she knew the insidious contents of the books I hand out to her young adults!].

When I became a parent, I realised even more acutely how a really bad gift could really screw up your routine. So whenever I want to buy a toy for a small child now, I usually ask the Mummy whether it’d be okay. Or at least buy something which says on the package that it is meant for a child in that age range which does not require any parental assistance or messy cleanups.

So what do you do when you receive inappropriate presents for your child?

My usual response would be “Oh, that’s nice!” then put it out of reach for a couple of years. I’ve been quite successful so far [also most people are quite considerate]. I just recently took out a hairdressing doll with lots of small parts which someone gave my daughter on her first Christmas for my daughter after 3 years of keeping it away until it became age-appropriate.

What happens when that option is taken away from you and the gift is presented to your child in your absence in spite of your express instructions not to do so?

You end up having to deal with a fractious child with a broken toy [due to the fragility of said item] whom you have to discipline during dinner time [including and not limited to threatening / bribing him not to whine and then taking him out to the corridor for time out after failing to stop the whining]. Rinse and repeat every time said child catches a glimpse of broken toy until it gets packed away / thrown away.

Telling me that “We are just the gift-givers and we are not responsible for the discipline and behaviour of someone else’s kid” does not help one bit. Giving me dirty looks and sighs over an interrupted dinner is also completely uncalled for because if you were to follow my express instructions, dinner would not have been interrupted in the first place.

It’s a bit like giving a kid a loaded gun and saying that “we are just the gift-givers and we are not responsible for the carnage that ensues.”

That’s just completely irresponsible and inconsiderate.


Now that my toes have healed sufficiently that I can sprint 3km again, I really need to continue on my quest of learning how to stand on my head.

So that I can tell people “Can you stand on your head? You can’t? I can. So shut up because I’m one up on you.”

Or I could stand on my head in the middle of rubbish conversations. I used to stick my head in my book bag back in school to stop rubbish conversations. I’m sure standing on my head is a much cooler and much better conversation killer than sticking my head into my bag.

But then again, I wear a lot of skirts and dresses in general. I shall have to remind myself to do so only when I’m wearing pants otherwise it would be most unglam.

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Text conversation between Rebecca and I on Monday night

Me: I just got hit on by a drunk ah pek on a bicycle while on my run…

She: Haha! I have ceased to be surprised by these strange things that happen to you.

Me: He was sitting at a rest shelter with a bottle of beer in the front basket of his bicycle. He had bloodshot eyes and was opening a packet of peanuts and he said to me 小姐妳要不要陪我.

She: Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Me: This is just ridiculous! It’s not like I’m particularly dressed up! I’m sweaty, my hair is a mess, I look worn out and I’m trying to walk 200metres to cool down to go home. Wth.

She: U do realize he’s drunk…..Maybe to him you looked like were wearing a tight-fitting dress.

Me: Yeeks. I don’t know why I meet these nutjobs while running…

She: It’s not just while running tht u meet them actually…

Me: I once got heckled by a taxi driver running also.

She: Maybe it’s the panting that gets to them?

Me: No idea man…Maybe I should run earlier. That might decrease my chances of meeting them. Maybe nutjobs only come out after 10.

She: Hahahaha I doubt it. U meet them everywhere and all the time, no?

Me: True also. Sigh…

She: I think you should get a pepper spray, just in case. Also it’s fun if you do get to use it!

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a blue taxi

She: I was heckled while running!!!

He: What?!

She: By a taxi driver!!!

He: Where?

She: My regular route. Along PH Road! This taxi on the opposite side of the road slowed down, wound down his windows and yelled at me, “Run! Run! Run! Later you die then you know!!!” Then he drove off!!!

He: What the hell. Did you shout at him?

She: I didn’t. I was trying to keep pace after the uphill.

He: I would have yelled at him anyway. Why is he so angsty?

She: How the hell would I know?!?

He: You realise of course that in all my years of running I have never encountered something like that. So why do these things happen to you?!?

Sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever find out the answer to that question although I’ve been asked many times in my life.

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She: So you know last week I was going out for my run right? Can’t remember which night. You know how I always take the stairs down to the ground floor? I walked down one floor and I saw two people making out in the stairwell!!

He: Really?! What do you mean by making out?

She: As in they were plastered against each other and her skirt was hiked up to her waist. You know, making out.

He: Shit! This has never happened to me!! I should trade running days with you! Nothing like that happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

She: No you can’t trade running days with me! Anyway, I was stunned. I didn’t want to walk past them coz they’ll hear me walking down the stairs behind them, right? Later they get interrupted and they hit me with a big stick. So I ran back upstairs and walked the other way to the lift and took a lift down. I think they heard me because when I reached the ground floor, they were walking towards me from the stairwell. It was kinda embarrassing.

He: How old were they?

She: How the hell am I supposed to know? Maybe late twenties?

He: Are they even good looking?

She: Why are you so excited?! I don’t know if they are good looking or not. I couldn’t look at them! It was so embarrassing!

He: Shit! That’s like a porno film!

She: What do you mean?! It’s not even porno!

He: It’s like soft porn. You know how the most famous porno film of all times, Emmanuel?

She: I don’t know Emmanuel! I never watched any porno till I was nineteen!

He: How can you not know Emmanuel?! Everyone I know knows Emmanuel! Argh! Good porno is wasted on the undeserving!

She: What do you mean good porno is wasted on the undeserving?! So what would you have done?

He: I would have stomped past them and made sure they hear me going by.

She: What if they hit you with a big stick?

He: I have running shoes on.


So, as a matter of interest, what would you have done?

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