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We were in the middle of Legoland last Friday when my kids started pulling at a plant in one of the planter boxes and presented some flowers to me with much fanfare.

Peanut said, Mummy, I give you these flowers because I want you to be happy!

Lion said, Mummy, I love you!

My mother said, See! They keep plucking these flowers home on their way back from school every day for you but by the time you get home, they are all wilted so I just throw them away!

My father said, Tsk! It’s just a common road side flower. They can pluck them all they like as long as it makes them happy!

I took the flowers, said thank you and gave each of the kiddies a hug.

While we were walking away to another section of the park, I took a picture for the memory of the flowers:


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Close to Hari Raya Puasa, we took the Parents and the kiddies to Desaru for a short holiday. To avoid all the hassle of planning, we signed up for an organised tour with the Desaru Fruit Farm and stayed at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort for three days and two nights.

It turned out to be fantastically fun! We took the ferry to Desaru from Changi Ferry Terminal on a Wednesday morning and returned on a Friday evening. Because we went on the weekday, we basically got a personalised tour. The food provided by the Desaru Fruit Farm was fantastic and the kids had lots of fun visiting the ostriches, the crocodiles, the fireflies and just hanging out at the resort with their grandparents.

On a remote Bermudas ride…well, not quite

My father and the ostriches

me and mini-me

Sand play (with my mother blocking her face with her bag)

Going home

The best part I supposed was the fact that my phone had a SIM card failure and could not hook onto a Malaysian network. So no one could call me at all. They could only get to me via email on my work Blackberry and there is only so much angst one can convey through email. Heh.

But then I came home and my work collapsed around my ears. I still haven’t dug myself out from underneath it all yet [hence explaining the absence].

Oh well.

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