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Nice book


Nice hair

And I won a trial!

But then my day rapidly went downhill from 4pm:
I left work late so I had to miss yoga.
I thought I’d go for a haircut but my hairdresser is not free to see me.
My office has degenerated into a disaster area while I was at trial.



Last Friday afternoon, I gave a seminar for 2 hours. Thereafter, I couldn’t talk to anyone for a day to recover from the trauma of public speaking.

This morning, I did a trial for 3 hours (at the end of which I won!!!). After all the cross-examination and oral closing submissions, I am now unable to carry on any extended conversations with anyone.

You know what’s wrong with me? I don’t like the sound of my own voice enough, which is odd considering that I like my singing voice.

On the bright side, I thought my cross-ex was quite good today. I fizzled out during closing, as usual. But the cross-ex was great. I am still high from it.


Conversation between Champagne Truffle and I after the trial:

Me: Do you wany to gallivant or go back to eat firm lunch?
He: I don’t know.
Me: Can you form an opinion?
He: Tough, given that I spent all morning not forming an opinion.
Me: How about what do you want to eat if we go gallivant?
He: Oh dear! Another opinion to form! And a difficult one!
Me: You know what? Screw it. Let’s just go back for firm lunch so we don’t have to think about this.


I’m going off to try to salvage the second half of my day by getting a pedicure.


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april fools

my expired PC

my expired PC

For the first time in 10 years, I am starting April without a valid Practising Certificate.

I have not quit practice. It is just that a confluence of events resulted in this cruel April Fools’ joke being played on more than half of the profession.

I sat at my desk all morning writing an Opening Statement I can’t sign myself, wondering about whether I could or could not attend a PTC tomorrow. An opponent calls and to ask me to mention something only to find out that I, too, had no Practising Certificate and technically cannot appear in Court.

At mid-day, Commando came to my office and signed all of my letters, including the Opening Statement. Our clerk came over and told The Buddha that maybe, just maybe, he will get his Practising Certificate by tomorrow morning.

When life throws you lemons, you make a hair appointment and leave work early.

Let’s hope that all of this gets sorted out by the end of the week, especially since I have trials to do next week.

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In the annual “Let’s leave the City before everyone pours in for F1” exercise, I decided to leave work at lunch to go for a two-hundred-dollar haircut at a new fancy-pansy hair parlour to make myself feel better about my shitty life.

When I told my secretary about it, she said: So expensive! You should just go shopping with the money!!

I laughed but called the hair palour anyway because I’ve been psyching myself up to try the place for a while but haven’t done so because (a) it is more expensive than my usual haircut and (b) it was tantamount to committing adultery on Hair God (ie my usual stylist).

A disinterested voice on the phone told me that they were fully booked and hung up abruptly.

I was disapponted, then indignant at the rebuff, after spending so much time deciding to do this. I still needed a haircut though so I picked up the phone again and called my regular hair salon. The usual nice girl picked up. She originally asked me to show up at 5.30pm but when I asked apologetically whether I could drop by earlier, she made the effort to find out what I needed done and fitted me in within the hour.

I hobbled up the stairs of the salon to be greeted warmly by Hair God, who gave me this wonderful hairdo for less than fifty dollars:

What did I do with the remainder one hundred and fifty dollars I would have spent this afternoon? I had a cupcake and Salt-Caramel Mocha at Starbucks and then proceeded to Kinokuniya and bought myself enough stories for the next half a year, which really, like my secretary supposed, was WAY more satisfying than a two-hundred-dollar haircut, if you ask me.

So two things from this afternoon:

1. My secretary is a very wise woman who knows me better than myself; and

2. I will never think about committing adultery on Hair God ever again.

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