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It’s funny how when I was much younger, I had considered it oh such a chore to play this, that it was oh so boring and slow moving and nothing very much happens. I just wanted the storms in the first movement and the action in the third movement thank you very much.

[That’s why for many years, the Moonlight did it for me. It had enough angst and anger and the obligatory second movement was not as long or as involved as the Pathetique. But that’s another story for another day.]

Then I grew up.

And now I find myself gravitating towards this again, appreciating it for it’s contemplation, for it’s clean lines and simple variations, it’s very predictable return to the main theme. It is like that walk to the train station after all the rushing to get ready to leave the house and finally leaving, that quiet, contemplative walk alone wherein you collect your thoughts to start the day or just empty your mind and listen to your footsteps, that brief reprieve from my neverending and mostly futile fight against everything else in the world that I habitually fight against.

It is especially comforting playing it on a muted piano between closing one section of your submissions and starting another.

When I was fourteen, I wanted to be a Beethoven player. Then I was waylaid by Chopin, enamoured by Rachmaninov, distracted by Listz.

I have now begun my return to Beethoven again, true to the sonata form exposition-transition-return.


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