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I walked the increased distance to the train station with my lovely sunglasses, with the world bathed in a golden glow through its lenses, listening to my current favourite song by Fun (your heart isn’t breaking and mine isn’t making a sound), looking forward.

My father would at some point later today surrender the keys to our family home for the last 35 years to a HDB officer, closing the door of the by now completely gutted flat for the very last time.

I would throw the usual lunch for the people who work for me, the last lunch for this long year of 2011, then leave work for the very last time this year to buy a present for The Buddha’s daughter’s birthday party in 2 days.

At some point next year, I would like to move my whole family, cats and all, into a new home out of our current rental apartment so house hunting starts in 2 months.

It’s been a really long year. And I have been here for far too long to count, so much so that when the unexpected letter was received, I was not very much fazed by it at all.

So what else is there left but to wish that next year would be more of a walk in a park than the last.

As always, may we all be better people in the new year.

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