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the year past

growing together

Otherwise known as the year I spent far too much time in Court fighting people, the year I was made partner, the year I lost all my support staff and spent the rest of the year reconstructing my working team, suffered incessantly at work and felt like giving up so very many times, the year I became mother of two and slowly got to know a really grouchy rambutan, watched the Berlin Philharmonic from stage seats on my wedding anniversary, had a really quiet Christmas, planned to buy a house, baked a whole lot of things from bread to casseroles to pasta to cookies and cakes, the year I ended sitting at the computer, listening to fireworks going off, nursing the fitful rambutan, making this entry.

It’s really been one helluva year.

Here’s a Happy New Year shout out and as always, may we be better people in the year to come.


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