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a year of nice things


Still on maternity leave but managing on my own at home with work and baby.


Started the routine of 3 to 4 day weeks and sending Peanut across the island to my parents’ oh-so-early in the morning and picking her up after work.


A very instrospective time being that time of the year when you renew your practising certificate and realise just how long you have been doing this and wonder how long you can continue to do this.


 Finding the balance between an overprotective parent and letting Peanut roll off the mattress onto the hard marble floor and running the risk of hitting her head. And guess what? She just instinctively tucks her head when she hits the floor. My smart Peanut!


My first mothers’ day as a mommy 🙂


Peanut becomes more and more mobile. Mommy becomes more and more busy.


 The start of the awfully low morale months.


And it gets worse, the endless sitting in Court and feeling bored.


Peanut falls ill for the first time from teething. The GPs panicked. The Other Half and I roll our eyes at each other.


I turned a year older, and found out that I was preggers again.


I moved t0 WordPress from Diaryland. I was awfully disappointed with the system. I undertook a crazy-ass trip to KL on a coach with Peanut in which I was awfully pissed off, spent a night in Malacca, and abandoned my other travel companions on Sunday morning and came home.


Peanut turns One! We find out that Nut 2 is a really shy little boy. Work slows down to a crawl then picks up again. I finished writing my 2 sets of submissions due on 4 January in good time to sit here at my desk writing this entry, taking a breather before the hell that is January descends upon us all.

And as always, may we all be better people in the coming new year.

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