I read an article today about praying mantis having a completely different form of stereoscopic vision from humans and how they have developed this system which uses way less processing power than humans.

Maybe evolutionarily, humans as a species are just not wired to learn to be more efficient over time.

So maybe there are no solutions to my problems. I should just put it down to nature, shrug and carry on. No need to spend too much emotional energy on this.


I had a semi-meltdown today from 3 weeks of accumulated frustrations.

I was unbelievably sad and cranky. So I sat around and put nice things into my shopping cart on Shopbop, made a spreadsheet of 3 years' worth of medical expenses, fixed a printer and read a 77-page judgement.

Then I felt better.

I'm not sure if being easily amused is a curse or a blessing. I am disgusted by my inability to stay angry, especially when my ability to get a better deal for my clients sometimes depends on staying angry.

My version of alfredo pasta for lunch today. I made a pea sauce because A hates peas so I mushed it up so she has no choice but to eat them.

Here is my daughter who can't go anywhere these days without her book.

My social anxiety means that I am sitting at the bar, about 6 metres or so away from the party I am supposed to be participating in.

My fortune cookie from last night.

It is sometimes inevitable that you find yourself seated at dinner with the most depressing person in your life right now, who continues to make you feel shitty in spite of the fact that it is pretty evident that the last 5 days have been really shitty for your team.

I made a mental note to disengage from this person and took a calming walk home in the dark.

I demanded an apology from someone yesterday, someone I had not directly confronted for a good 10 years or so.

I don't think I will ever get it but I stood up for myself and that's what's important for me.

At the end of the day, I do a lot of stuff because to me that's what's right. So it doesn't matter what happens in the end so long as I can put my hand on my heart and say I did the right thing.

My agenda is just as important as the next person's.

You know what's wrong with long distance relationships?

Everything said is lost in transmission.

While I was waiting outside Chambers yesterday morning for my opponent who was at that point about 15 minutes late for hearing, the judge came out and said to me –

"Ms L! Where is Mr Y? Can you call him and find him! You shouldn't be sitting here waiting for him! 15 minutes is the duration of at least 4 Chopin Nocturnes!"