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It’s been a really tough week.

Just this morning alone, I got up for a hearing while trying to supervise packing for another one in a different location, harangued someone, settled the hearing I got up for, completed the packing for the 2nd hearing while mentally switching from the settled hearing to the imminent one in 20 minutes or so.

There was just not enough panic for two concurrent matters. I alternated between feeling stoned (because when I panic I try to turn off some switches in my head to prevent overreacting) and feeling like I want to puke (which is my default when I need to get the show on the road.)

Well, it’s over now.

I can’t say it’s a good day or a bad day. Or maybe in my panic I have switched off so many buttons that at some point, I stopped feeling altogether.

Or maybe I am determinedly not feeling, postponing it all till Monday, till I have time to mull and react appropriately.

Weekends are for standing in the sun and swimming, Chopin and out of tune violins, silly jokes and sillier faces.

Let’s do it all again only on Monday.

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