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K looking at stack of books on my shelf –

“Most of them are for my daughter!”

“A Cup of Rage?”

“Oh, yes, that’s mine.”

“That’s not hard to figure out.”


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I am at Chingay, if you can believe it.

My mother is performing in a dance item and got us all tickets to attend.

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I’m trying to return to this space again after being away for a while.

In these intervening years, the cat in the banner had passed on and I’ve scaled down my writing a lot, which makes me wonder if my thoughts are being scaled down in the process.

But I still need this, I still need to write to work through my knots, the more inconvenient parts of my thought process, of my life.

I guess like most things in life, we’ll just have to make it up as we go along.

But it is always nice to be back. I read through a lot of the older entries and marvelled at how far I have come.

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The Igor of the day is shifty.

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CNY was not bad, for a change. I thought I would be as anxious as last year but it actually went quite well. It was a nice break and for once, because I was less anxious, I didn't overeat.

Trial tomorrow. Back to the grind. Bleargh.

In case I don't get around to it, you can still follow me on Instagram, same username.

I'm still looking for somewhere to write though. Will update once I get there 🙂

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I have been posting on Dayre since November 2013.

I left my WordPress blog to port over to Dayre because it was a more convenient way to record the crazy bits of my day.

Many support staff and 4 associates later, I am writing this while on a bus on my way to Ash Wednesday mass.

I will continue somewhere. I haven't quite figured it out as yet. Do let me know if you'd like to continue to read my stream of consciousness.

Thanks for participating in my life.


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I read an article today about praying mantis having a completely different form of stereoscopic vision from humans and how they have developed this system which uses way less processing power than humans.

Maybe evolutionarily, humans as a species are just not wired to learn to be more efficient over time.

So maybe there are no solutions to my problems. I should just put it down to nature, shrug and carry on. No need to spend too much emotional energy on this.

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