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Over the school holidays, my kids got bored at my parents' and started reading all of my old books and discovered my stash of Archie comics!

I used to read a lot of those. When I was 12 to 14, my mother was not at home all the time because she went off to take care of her elder brother who had cancer so I spent a lot of my afternoons after school either at the library or at Holland Village.

Till this day, my mother thought I fell into bad company but all I did was I would go to EMF, rent out an Archie Double Digest and went to Burger King to read it with a cup of vanilla milkshake. Then at the end of it, I would return it and walk home. It was a really cheap way to entertain myself. Hanging out with bad company probably cost more and would have been too much effort since I was (am) so socially awkward 😂

So it is kinda funny that my kids have now discovered the simple joys of reading away long boring afternoons the same way I did.

I still think that reading is the best fun anyone can have by themselves.

Since 5 years ago, I have been subjecting my poor friends to something called my Name Saint Day celebration on 31 December.

It usually involves eating a lot of food somewhere.

Traditionally, I am supposed to have an Open House and provide food for people who will come and bear gifts. I've checked back and realised that only 2 of the past 5 years I have cooked and had friends over. None of my scumbag friends ever came bearing gifts wtf.

And actually, come to think of it, it is also only that one friend who gamely and actively participates. The rest are just very incidentally around, which then leaves me to explain to them about Name Saint Days while they sit around with that "okay whatever" look and continue eating. Wtf.

Waddaya know? My amazing friend actually came with a gift this year!!!!

And this is the Name Saint Day feast this year!!


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I go to the bathroom to get away from my kids and to be alone. That's why I take really long showers. The bathroom is like my special place to look after myself and be whole again.

So one day, I went to the bathroom to get away from everyone. After I closed the door and sat down, I saw this cat standing quietly in the corner staring at me.

That was when I knew that having 5 cats and 2 kids is my absolute maximum threshold.

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The last gingerbread person in the cookie jar.

One of my colleagues told me that he had only intended to try one of my cookies in the box that I gave him. The next thing he knew, the box was empty.

😂 Wah, so supportive!

This year we made gingerbread people, butter cookies in both chocolate and vanilla cut up by the kids in the shape of a star, a heart or a fat cat, and Donna Hay's amazing red velvet chocolate cookies.

I forced Overlord to write the year end round up for this year and after going through our calendars, we realised that we were in trial for one-third of the year. Wth!!! How is that even possible???!!!

A coupla weeks back, while everyone was on leave, I was queuing up in Court and remarked to my opponent that I don't know why I am so stressed out because Overlord and I used to run this show together and it wasn't so bad when one of us is away. Now I really feel unable to cope when 2 out of 4 of us are away.

Then there was a moment of realisation.

Hey! Maybe our business has grown! That's why it is no longer do-able with only two of us!!!


We have indeed done a lot in this one year. While I am sitting here staring down the awful mess that is my desk, I am feeling kinda warm and fuzzy inside as well, that we have made it this far, that we are now a thing on the map.

There is much to be said of putting your head down and doing the work. The work will always speak for itself.

Above all, good things happen to good people.

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I've been working quite closely with this guy from London office for the last year. We've met maybe 4 times but speak on Skype almost every week.

The first time I met him he told me that he had a girlfriend who lives in a different European city.

So you are in a long distance relationship, I asked.

Nope, he replied. Said European city is only 2 hours away from London!

I went away thinking that it was so positive and I should probably rethink my screwed up Singapore distances.

When I recounted this to Husband, he reminded me that my best friend had a 3-hour apart distance from a girl in KL for 2 years or so before they got married and she moved here, reinforcing how screwed up my sense of distance is living in Singapore all my life.

Like Associate Y, when she heard the story, exclaiming, "Are you kidding me?? My boyfriend lives in the East while I live in the West and I already think we are in a long distance relationship sometimes!!"

Fast forward to more than a year later the week before Christmas, he came out to deal with an issue in my office. On the afternoon of our last day, I had a sorta end of year round up with him, at the end of which I asked him whether he was going home for Christmas (he is not native to London.)

Nah, said he. I am spending a quiet one with friends in London. I already saw my parents last month.

So your girlfriend is coming to London to spend Christmas with you, I asked.

Oh no, he replied. I don't have a girlfriend.

I'm sorry, said I.

It's okay. It's better this way, said he.

That made me a bit downheartened. Maybe he found out that they couldn't work that 2 hours distance after all.

While I had spent a whole year recalibrating my sense of distance, maybe measures of emotional distance are common despite of the size of the country you reside in, in spite of Skype and Facetime and cheap flights.

It's like that Feist song that I love –

It's not him who'd come across
The sea to surprise you
Not him who would know
Where in London to find you

Why would he come
Back through the park
You thought that you saw him
But no you did not
Who can be sure
Of anything through
The distance that keeps you
From knowing the truth

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The Black Cats Collective.

Not Sunday but feels like Sunday Folks!

This kiddo ate an adult portion of pasta for lunch, two bowls of rice with bak kut teh for dinner, and he is now quietly demolishing this waffle with Earl Grey Lavender soft serve for supper. Wth.

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Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas dinner I made for my father 😁

I seared steaks, made cauliflower couscous with marinara sauce, Jamie Oliver's Brussels in a Hussle, some raw organic baby carrots, and a cod steak with garlic crumb for my mother in law who doesn't eat beef. We also had the most amazing ham we bought from a warehouse sale. It was a great meal.

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Good morning to a grey day.

Too fluffy.

The penguins in my frozen espresso.

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