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Another early celebration!

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Early birthday surprise!

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Is it rude if I am standing in the bar having a vodka soda and my colleague comes up to me and upon finding out what I am drinking says, "Oh that's my wife's favourite drink too because it has the least calories"?

It's been a month. I still can't decide.

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And…I am still passed out.

But I do feel marginally better than Friday.

This really sux.

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This cold is so evil that I have been semi incapacitated for a large part of this week.

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This cat thinks I am his mummy.

He climbed onto my lap and started kneading me in my tummy.

He doesn't usually knead. He doesn't even usually do cuddling.

But I have been running a fever for 2 days now and when I couldn't get out of bed yesterday because of chills, he came and sat on my legs for additional warmth.


My job in a nutshell –
"I don't understand why [judde] didn't understand where I was coming from."
"Welcome to practice, where common sense is not common at all 😂"

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Lepak cat.

Some time last week, Overlord took a file away from me, made me promise never to let something like that happen to me again, then dealt with it.

I can only say that I met a real life Peter Keating. No matter how much of a Dominique Francon I am, I would not have been able to fix it.

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