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Sleepy Sunday.

"Why are you holding my hand to your chest?"
"Because my heart feels bad and it makes my heart feel better."


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It just occurred to me that if my idea of a fun Friday night is doing plank-variations for an hour, I am really damn bloody old.

So perhaps there is some truth in him calling me a pretend millenial that one tipsy evening when bridges were mended.

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"The statement of claim should only plead the cause of action, the particulars that justify or support the cause, the relief sought, and no more. Evidence and submissions have their proper places elsewhere. Vitriol has no place anywhere."

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Seen in Opening Statement:
"The traffic lights were solid green."

My mental image.


Seen in another Opening Statement:
"This is the Plaintiffs' Opening Statement."

No shit. Because it is not to be mistaken for a cow, a bowl of jelly, a beholder or a poisonous ooze?

There have been too many Opening Statements.

My morale is lower than low.

Late night ice cream after winning my trial today 😃

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Under stress – Spot the typo.

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