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Went to a karaoke place with my colleagues for the first time in years as a farewell party for L.

We drank an entire bottle of vodka and a lot of fun was had.

I'm gonna miss L a lot. We have the darnedest conversations together.

Today we have gone to the bird park with some friends.

This lory is psycho. It climbed onto my back and tried to peck my fingers. I didn't even have any food on me. Wth.

It has just occurred to me that I meet more psycho birds and any other species.

Psycho lorikeets all in a row.

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Cat at the train station (and I) looking (longingly) at the Bird (of weekend).

My month in a nutshell –

"What is the probability of me having a hearing on all of the prime number week days of this month? (In case it turns out to be a phone number I can dial for divine help like in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)"

"There are 8 prime weekdays. So depending of the individual probability of you having a hearing on any day lets call it 0.5, prob that you have it on all 8 is 0.5 to the power of 8. ie 0.00390625"

"That's not a phone number….so it looks like I have to hunker down and work…"

Everything is Awesome!!

The insouciant black cat.

Next to Joie Chaton, who is sleeping like a normal cat.

Check out Joie's disapproving glare.

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I'm not kind, Peter.

Re-reading one of my favourite books to remind myself why I still turn up at work everyday.

A while ago, I bought it for someone and told him that this book changed my life and I hope it'd touch him in some way.

But as is much of life, nothing monumental happened. He never read the book in fact. Life plodded on. Most people tended not to think about being better versions of themselves everyday.

Can't save people from themselves.

But I can sit in a salad shop and read and dream and turn up at work in a bit feeling better than this morning, than yesterday afternoon, than last Friday.

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We were damn badass today.

So we left early and had two rounds of drinks.

It really doesn't get better than this.

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Anger doesn't fix anything. And I don't wear Anger well.

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An invisible injury!

A fatalistic printer.

A Chinese Cat.

If I drink a lot of six-dollar coffees, does it mean that I will fall into the same category of millenials who can't afford anything because they eat too much avocado toast?

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Sleepy Sunday.

"Why are you holding my hand to your chest?"
"Because my heart feels bad and it makes my heart feel better."

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It just occurred to me that if my idea of a fun Friday night is doing plank-variations for an hour, I am really damn bloody old.

So perhaps there is some truth in him calling me a pretend millenial that one tipsy evening when bridges were mended.

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"The statement of claim should only plead the cause of action, the particulars that justify or support the cause, the relief sought, and no more. Evidence and submissions have their proper places elsewhere. Vitriol has no place anywhere."

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