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Least strange thing that happened to me today.


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I met my duet partner for lunch yesterday to talk about starting duets again.

He was late and grumpy…which added to the familiarity of the meeting, helped along by the presence of one of our studio friends I see regularly at my kids' violin class.

We don't have any audience and only one of us has renown so…we'll see how it goes. For me, I just want to finish something I started years ago left unfinished because our studio no longer exists, nights of reading Bach recitatives are over.

Maybe it's just me growing old and trying to recreate those nice nostalgic moments when nothing matters but that profound feeling of sound.

Today I am thankful for the fact that the back zipper of my dress failed only after I got out of it to put on my court attire to attend a hearing in the morning which I thought was in the afternoon.

I am also thankful for the fact that I have clothes in the office so I am not accidentally naked.

Yay for small mercies.

I kinda feel sorry for the cabbies who pick me up after yoga class every night.

I want to tell them that I am not usually this sweaty or dishevelled. And how I would like to rinse off but public showers oftentimes set off my claustrophobia so I just can't.

Overlord came back early from his trial today.

Apparently his witness passed out from his cross examination. As in she just closed her eyes and refused to answer any of his questions and asked to lie down.

The judge eyeballed him for a while and they all decided to call it a day for today.

That must be some seriously power cross examination.

And it continues tomorrow!

The sad thing is that it is hearing break in the lower courts but business as usual in the higher courts. So I am still running around anyway and my correspondence hell continues.

One wonders why they can't coordinate their hearing breaks if they are really serious about affording practitioners with work-life balance by giving us a fighting chance to get up to speed with paperwork.

That said, progress is still being made, slowly but surely.

This was the week before.

This was last week.

My colleague came in for a quick meeting and stared open-mouthed at my stacks of files.

"I am load testing my desk," said I. Then I laughed madly.

He was legit scared.

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You know you have a foreign manpower issue when you see this at your local gas station.

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Always glad to be back. Today it's for the centennial celebrations.

A's floral arrangement 😁

She didn't win a prize but as far as I am concerned, this is amazing. I sucked at ikebana. I sucked so bad that my teacher took a look at my floral arrangement and laughed.

Even our old girl Stephanie Sun is here!

The amazing drone pict they too earlier this year with all the kids!

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Here's A with her Fantastc Fiddle.

Even when playing violin she stands in ballet position 😂

Here's S with his Awesome Fiddle.

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I was lying on the floor trying to get a bit of quiet before having to get the circus on the road for violin class when I felt someone furry bump me on the head and lick my hair. I turned and saw the transactional Chinese Cat giving me some love, outside of our usual transactions.

Maybe she could sense how much I was under this week.


I walked out of my house into the rain without my print of my opponent's submissions for tomorrow's appeal which I was sorta marking out all weekend.

Oh well. Quite thankfully most of those markings are recall-able. They were done quite half-heartedly anyway. Meh.

I'm blowing bubbles in my office because I am stressed out.

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One of the witnesses at my trial yesterday was a piano teacher.

During the break, my opponent was telling us about how he has a neighbour who has gone senile. She could not remember anything at all but when she sat at the piano, she was able to play songs from her head without a score. She played beautifully, with the grace that she used to posses in all areas of her life before, like an echo from the past, bittersweet.

I sat at the piano this morning after practising violin with the kids and continued with my ongoing process of memorising Chopin's Raindrop prelude.

I remembered that story from yesterday, how much of a gift music is and how important the gift of music is to me.

And I started to cry.

The aquarium is the perfect place to be on this crazy hot day.

Saint-saens Aquarium – The last 4-hands piece I played with my piano teacher.

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