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My new job –
Violin accompanist 😁

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The price of selling out –
"Hey, the coconut water promo people are offering wet tissues in exchange of liking their Facebook page. How the price of selling out has fallen."

Procrastination –
"My capacity to procrastinate on my personal stuff is limitless. Unlike work stuff…"
"I'm waiting for you to complete that sentence."
"I so dug myself into a hole there, didn't I? I swear my capacity to procrastinate on work stuff is less!!"
"Because you don't have a Ms. L shouting you down in your personal life?"

Friendship –
"See? We can be friends if you are not being a dick."
"True dat."

Self-awareness –
"I should not be allowed to practise this year. I am too militant."

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Grumpy old cat.

Telecon I received a coupla weeks ago –
"So if you have no means to satisfy the costs order made against you, why did you sue my client?"
"I didn't expect the judge to rule against me."

There is not enough eye rolling in the world for this.

More people need to realise that justice is in part dependant on a random series of small details, including and not limited to what everyone ate for breakfast, how the traffic was coming in, everyone's internal tolerance for bullshit, whether your opponent is blessed with that angelic face that allows him / her to get away with making rubbish submissions with a straight face.

Having a good case is just one aspect of it. The story has to be told well and believably.

The quest for justice is often a performance art, down to the shoes you are wearing.

Wrong company –

"According to you, I didn't even have a real job."
"That's not true. I'm pretty sure lots of people out there will think you had a real job. You're just presently hanging out with the wrong company."

The Noise of Time, Julian Barnes –

It had all begun, very precisely, he told his mind, on the morning of the 28th of January 1936, at Arkhangelsk railway station. No, his mind responded, nothing begins just like that, on a certain date at a certain place. It all began in many places, and at many times, some even before you were born, in foreign countries, and in the minds of others.

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Finally picked up a paperback copy.

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Beer of the day –
Small Town Brewery's Not Your Father's Root Beer

This is damn good!

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Guess what?

With my purple stockings, I won a taxation hearing in the morning, and a costs argument in the afternoon.


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