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"Non toxic looking."

There are lots of snarky things I want to say to people who think that their parenting duties can be subcontracted to the school, no, that it is the divine duty of the school to parent their children, but then I hold my tongue.

There are only so many problems that you can throw money at, my friends. Your child's intellect / moral compass is not one of those problems.

Practising "us."

Do any of you do this though, something repetitive to destress? I used to knit a lot for that or I swim laps, or I run or I play a lot of Hanon.


"I had to cancel yoga today so I want to kill all of you now."
"Shouldn't yoga calm you down?"
"That's why I do it 4 times a week and that's why I feel like I hate the world now?"

On the strange people I work with –
"Why are you eating cup noodles?"
"Because there is this entire side quest in Final Fantasy about cup noodles! I played it then went out and bought this."
"You know I kinda understand what you mean though I am not really sure I want to?"


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