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Another amazing present I got this Christmas – A new cookie press from Crate & Barrel!

Any cookie press with a dinosaur option is cool beyond words!

I spent my Name Saint Day sending the kids to laser tag with their kindergarten friends, fitting school shoes, wrapping school textbooks and labelling stationery, then dinner and Super Munchkin with our D&D friends.

It was a nice and quiet day.

May we all be better people in the new year.


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On this unmotivated day, my lovely friends got me a ginormous cup of coffee and a new fountain pen.

Have I mentioned how lovely my friends are?

"A dreamy reminder of Arabian nights, this TWG Tea melange of green teas is subtly blended with mint and Mediterranean spices."

Secretary J whom I've known for less than a year gave me a cannister of tea from TWG for Christmas. I unwrapped it this morning and found out that it was TWG's Alexandria tea. That's like my all time favourite from TWG.

I thought she probably asked around with my girls and found out what I liked but then I don't think I've ever mentioned it to my girls before. I usually just drink the tea that Associate T got me in the office.

When I went to thank her for the very thoughtful gift, and asked how she came to pick it out for me, she told me that she read the descriptions on the cannisters and thought that it was the one I would like!

So amazingly perceptive right?

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When I don't really want to talk to you –
"Merry Christmas!"
"Not really. My cat just died."

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When you are standing in the school uniform queue in school and you turn around and say "Daddy!" to look for your husband and all the men in the queue behind you look up at you expectantly.


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Here are some child-labour gingerbread people wishing you happy holidays!

(Actually, the child labour quit at 10pm so their mother had to decorate the remainder gingerbread people till she ran out of ideas.)

This is the other cookie I made –
Red Velvet Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Not very clear from here but it's got this gorgeous red colour 😀

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We've been invited for the Christmas party at the kindy!


Over dinner, I told The Other Half about rock balancing and now he is watching YouTube videos of rock balancing non-stop.

What the hell did I do?!

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An example at how bad I am being an adult –
When anyone talks down to me, my first thought is always, "These adults are so horrible!"
Then I realise that I am actually one myself.

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