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Sometimes in the middle of a particularly difficult review session, I would blurt out uncontrollably, usually after a lot of eye rolling and facepalming: "How the hell did you get through life?!"

It sounds horrid, I know, but I am genuinely curious.

I never got an answer though. Don't think I ever will.

(Now does it make sense why I have to read the page on 10 signs you are working for a psychopath to find out whether I am a psychopath?)

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This lockpicking thing is harder than I thought it would be. I just spent my lunchtime watching YouTube videos on basic lockpicking. I now know all the components of your basic lock and am living in mortal fear that when I come back from Court, the cops will be waiting to pick me up because you know, lawyer trying to be criminal mastermind.

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Saturdays – When sleeping in means getting up at 8am (as opposed to 5 or 6am).

On Black Friday, I bought…

An amber owl

And a Farberge egg!

Look! My amazing friends bought me real life lockpicking tools for my Rogue!

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The Good Cider of San Sebastian Peach

I made it to Friday without my head exploding! Yay!

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When you are prompted by Facebook that it is your wedding anniversary today.

When you read about a guy who gets his toes slowly amputated over a coupla years because of poorly controlled diabetes and you cringe each time a toe is disarticulated.

He is now trying to say that all of his life's problems are due to an accident.

My job is full of such crazy leaps of logic.

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I got a non-apology yesterday evening which makes me wonder why people put themselves through that kind of shit and why they expect me to play along.

If you behaved deplorably, man up and apologise unreservedly. Stop doing this stab me and then tell me no hard feelings and I thought I was justified in so doing crap.

After you have behaved deplorably, no amount of face-saving platitudes are going to erase the memory and the lingering bad taste.

Unless that is the precise effect you were aiming for, just don't.

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A while ago, I gave someone the answer to a problem and I have just found out how it had gone badly for said person because packaging fail. Which just goes to show that you could tell someone exactly what the answer is but they could still get it hideously wrong.

I started life guarding my work selfishly because my words are a part of me and having read a lot of Ayn Rand, I did not believe that second handers deserve any help from me.

That has changed over the years precisely because I realised that good words are just wasted on some when it comes down to execution.

Maybe I am Dominique Francon and this is the moment I have come because I am no longer afraid of the windows.

I had wanted to keep a record of shit I say to associates at work but it would be slightly defamatory. Suffice to say if I don't laugh I will go mad.

You can't teach people to think or feel. Sometimes you can't even convince someone to work to a higher ideal.

You can't stop mediocrity, or the mindset that keeps people wanting to turn up a better version tomorrow.

All you can do is to continue being and hope.

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