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My view for the next 6 weeks.


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I have too many books.


For the first time in my life today, I was told that I was working too fast.

"You have turned around something that is usually done in 3 weeks a week in advance! Slow down, we can't catch up and react!"

I was a bit disgusted but I guess there is a lesson in this for me. Maybe this is the explanation of my frustrations over the last coupla months. I have moved ahead in my usual singlemindedness and left everyone else behind then get annoyed and disappointed that no one is with me.

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Despair –
Knowing that I can never get everyone to be conscious about speaking good English to their opponents and/or to the Court and cringing when I overhear such phonecalls made just ouside my office.

Conversation on exam morning while I am braiding her hair for school –

A: Mummy, I sometimes feel like I don't know what I am writing but I write it all down anyway.
Me: Are you telling me that you are possessed? Do we call a priest?
A: Nono! I sometimes feel like I have all these little people in my head saying different things to me.
Me: Ahhh. I have those too. You just have to train them to get them to sing together like a choir!
A: You're funny, Mummy.

When colleague from local office goes up to colleague from Italian office and asks him if his favourite food is pasta.

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When you pay for having not figured out rules of evidence while in school more than 10 years ago


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Sunday after lunch –
I made steak and cauliflower rice with broccoli and heated up some frozen lobster bisque. One of our more successful Sunday lunches.

A really small cheeseburger

This is quite common if you eat fries with me. The theory is that a fry should not be so long that you have to bite it into half. So I usually leave the ones that are too long. This is the point where Overlord will give me a disgusted look and Associate L will eat up all my leftovers.

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Still skittish today.

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The cat count at the mrt station has grown to 2! The newcomer is a bit skittish though. I couldn't go near for a pet.

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