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Apparently it is possible to receive a stern warning for an offence of Attempted Cheating.

Does this mean they suspect you were cheating but have no evidence? Or that your cheating is so small scale it would be a waste of resources to prosecute you? Actually, it is not even cheating plain and simple. It is attempted cheating.

This is so weird on so many levels.

Having a low morale Friday 😦

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I wished Facebook would stop popping up an extra large picture of my recently deceased cousin as "people you may know" in my feed.

I am a bit concerned about being in the UK with my eternal summer wardrobe. The up side is that I will only freeze for 3 days if at all.

Anyway, to prevent freezing, I bought one of those generic coats, the kind that makes me look like Michelle from the Resistance as follows:

"Listen very carefully! I will say this only once!"

The problem is that I now need to buy a hat to complete my Michelle from the Resistance look but I look bad in berets.

So I bought this:

"My head is M-sized…in case that ever comes up."

Yay! Now I just need to change money and I am all set for London!

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I am rather intrigued by the report that pigeons can read.

So the next time a pigeon comes too close to you downstairs and eyeballs you, you know it is a targeted attack.

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At the end of 3 days –

"You know what's ironic? These expensive Herman Miller chairs are giving me a backache…"

[Actually could also be that I was on my feet in my heels with the extra weight of my oversized robe for 3 full days.]

No. I will not participate or be complicit in the myth you are perpetuating.

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Cider of the day (with my quite unfortunately overdone roasted steak lunch in the background…first time doing it in the oven)

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A new place to lunch


My dad makes a mean oxtail stew, one of the things he picked up from the Brits in Portsdown Camp (together with Sunday roast and full English breakfast) where he spent his teenage years. So oxtail stew for me is a taste from my childhood.

Korean barbecue!

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One of us sings and one of us drinks and one of us say nothing at all

I am all three at the same time.

Every once in a while, I will get this insane craving for cup noodles. I am usually quite good at not succumbing and letting it go away, but after a long day of trial and long evening of prepping cross ex, I am not about to torture myself some more.

Hello, Completely unhealthy and insanely late dinner. I am so sure I will regret you 2 hours from now.

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