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On Whatsapp saving lives –

"You have forgotten your girlfriend's cat's name? Do you want to die?!"
"No. But you are right. I am now going to look through my Whatsapp chat history with her to see whether the name comes up. How do I do this faster?!"
"You are damn sad."

Blissed out cat getting her head scratched.


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It just occurred to me that my line of work means I get to eat my granola while reading about someone complaining of headaches while passing motion after an accident and how massage therapy helped her alleviate her symptoms. Then I wonder how much that is worth. Wtf.

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Why are there less pigeons at the bottom of my office block on weekends than on weekdays?

Do pigeons have secret lives?

Sunday night ice cream fix

A pile of chocolate chips + macademia nuts cookies for Teachers' Day.

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The last time I felt so sore was during that Egyptian dance festival when I walked to the pyramids in the morning, danced for 3 hours then rode a camel or walked around in the bazaar in the evening every day for 4 days. On the 5th day I went on a road trip to Alexandria.

Me and the sand and the aches and the boy I thought I would go back for but didn't.

So nostalgic 🙂

Let's all say welcome back to the haze.

Lunch at my desk because can't go sun myself in this haze.

Do not despair.

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My package with the yoga studio is expiring so to increase my chances of getting a mat, I put myself on the waitlist for classes everyday this week.

I didn't manage to get a mat on Monday or Tuesday but I got a mat yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I clearly have a death wish.

While I am pleased that their business is doing well ie no danger of them closing down on me, it is quite annoying that I can no longer just book a class on the same day with my unpredictable schedule, hence the problem with the package expiring. Now I have to book mats one week in advance and book everyday, then cancel as and when my work takes me away from the mat. Not sure if that's doing them any favours. Sigh.

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6 weeks ago I sent a piece of work back for a re-organise / rewrite.

6 weeks later last night –
"Ms L, I have done it. I have now put all the information in a table. It is neater now.:

No, D. It is not neater. It is just in boxes.

So I left work at 11pm last night.


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Hello, Kitty. We are here for ramen lunch again.

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