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Here's a ginormous bowl of chopped tomato, mushrooms, garlic and scallop pasta.

Sunday afternoon cross ex prep.

We're at the Museum for the kids' activities. Check out the graffiti drawn by bored adults.

Drawing a costume together.

"Oh! I know where we are! We are at that really hipster place!"
The Other Half and I exchanged looks.
"We are doing such a bad job as parents."

Waffles at said hipster joint.

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An unexpected present!

Visconti Music Collection 😍

@crossedapple Thank you! Just the blue I want!

On the strange things that happen in this office –
"[Overlord], can you advise L against using [Secretary J]'s pen knife to shave? I believe it is called a work injury and you have a bigger stake in this firm than I do."
"Don't cut your throat, L."
"It's okay. It's blunt."
"Also, you are Chinese. There is not much to shave. Don't ever grow a beard or you will just look like some expired kungfu master."

On the elephant silhouette on my top –
"Is that an African or Asian elephant?"
"It's just a print."
"You can tell by the shape of the ears. Small ears. Yours are Asian. It's like camels and humps. One hump is African. Two humps Asian. How do you hump a camel? I don't know. You need to ask another camel."

On kettles –
"You can't put me in the same kettle with you."
"Of course not. That would be physically impossible."
"Not if the kettle were my size."
"If the kettle were your size, then only you will fit in it so you still can't put both of us in it."

"Back of my thighs hurt from my workout yesterday."
"Hamstrings. And suddenly I want to eat ham."

"What do you expect from someone whose initials form a common excuse?"

True dat.

Back to my final year in Law School, those endless afternoons in the basement of the Kent Ridge library, long nights of mugging after work at the restaurant, the long bus rides to school plugged into my music, Stina Nordenstam, James and Coldplay, Rachmaninov, Liszt and Debussy. I loved that library. I loved the condensation on the tall windows overlooking that green slope, walking downhill through Arts Faculty to catch the bus home.

I was alone a lot; all of those words and thoughts and ideas and music spiralling through the space in my head as I tap a matching rhythm on the pavement with my footsteps, quietly contemplating the principles of Insurance Law and how I am going to pass Evidence without reading Hearsay.

Coconut and Lime cider! Salted egg yolk chicken wings! Amazing end to an evening of submissions writing.

Me and Mini-me 😀

@shaolintiger There's this nice beer shop in Timbre you might wanna check out the next time you are in town! The cider selection is not that great but lots of craft beers.

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Opened a new bottle of ink today!

Because sick of waiting around.

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What do you do when your son has been bugging you for 3 weeks for fried rice? You make a gigantic bowl of fried rice. This has mixed brown rice and quinoa, baby corn, french beans, poached chicken and 2 eggs.


Extreme cat-growing.

I was hungry while waiting for A to finish violin class so I bought one of those supermarket muffins which proceeded to give me this amazing tummy ache because my stomach has a warning system for food left around too long.

"I can't eat supermarket instant foods! This means I can't even stock up food if I wanted to! I won't be able to survive a zombie apocalypse!"
"Oh well. You just have to avoid them or learn to wield a machete."

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We're lost in a new place for brunch.

Small girl with big plate of waffles.

Biker boy in the making.

Because I am surrounded by mad people –
"Should I buy some instant noodles?"
"[Overlord] asked me whether I have stocked up food in case of a zombie apocalypse. I told him I have no instant noodles at home and the only canned food I have is for the cats. He said I'm gonna die. So since then I have been wondering whether I should be getting some instant food."
"It's okay. I am trained in jungle survival. I can theoretically survive for seven days in a zombie apocalypse so rest assured."

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What if there is only a fixed proportion of sanity available in any given society at any given time?

I had a temp staff come in yesterday and she failed to show up today. Apparently she told the temp agency that my office is too dusty. Wtf.

I just handed over my credit card to the barrista when ordering my coffee when I meant to pay by paywave. I trewely need that coffee.

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Joie sitting on stuff –

There should be a way to read Whatsapp messages without the other person knowing you have read it. Or maybe I am just not sustaining this anger very well.

A conversation in Court –
"Good morning."
"Hello, Comrade. My, you are everywhere today!"
"Yes. A bit like God."
"Which is quite befitting of your Goddess status. Have a successful day."


I am sitting on my window ledge eating my apple because I have run out of inspiration in between turning around some subs and rushing back to Court to deliver them.

@wanderinggoldfish Was doing housekeeping on my phone and found a picture of the daily rough paper stack in my office which I mentioned some time ago. 😂

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