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A real problem –
Me: Can I speak with Mr. TFL please?
She: He's in Court. Can you call him on his mobile? [Starts to give me a mobile number] Oh wait! That's my husband's mobile number! I keep mixing up my husband's mobile number with my boss's mobile number!

I spent all day in meetings. I want to die.


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The must-have book for every parent with a whiny child. I bought it one day when my kids were really pissing me off. 😂



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Joie sleeping on stuff –
A forearm!

Aunty drew a funny face on my tea this morning.

For some reason, Husband was playing Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini this morning on YouTube. I used to play it at bedtime every night! So I dug out the CD with Vladimir Ashkenazy playing it with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn and brought it to work with me to brighten my day.

A thing of the future, perhaps.

God is in the details when you tend to the details and as a result elevate something from the pedestrian to perfection.

The devil is in the details when you neglect the details and as a result reduce something from perfection to pedestrian.

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This cookie is so good I have chocolate all over my face.

On my bag of gem cookies –
"Why are you eating that? It has no nutritional value!"
"So? My secretary bought it for me."
"It only has carbs in it!"
"What's wrong with you? I eat healthy stuff and you accuse me of eating rabbit food. Now I snack on junk food and you still criticise me! I am going to continue eating it anyway because it's yummy!"
"Can I have some? But only the white ones because those at least have no food colouring."

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My secretary loves me 😀

Yay! We won!!

Time to get up for the next one tomorrow.

On the 2cm×2cm burn mark on my elbow –
"How did you get that?!"
"I stuck my hand into the oven to rescue a tray of burnt cookies."
"Don't bluff. You probably fell asleep due to jetlag while cooking and tried to cook yourself!"

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Fyodor and Bastet hanging out together while a Guardsman watches on.

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Kids wanted to see sharks so here we are at the aquarium today.

Schooling fish.

Look what I found on top of my bookcase.

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On misrepresentation –
"I want to kill you! You told me that I will be making a presentation to 4 people only!"
"So how many people was it?"
"I sat in the reception and psyched myself up to speak to 4 people and walked into a room of 12!!!"
"Four….Twelve…no difference to you, right?"
"Hell yeah!"
"Oh well, it's over and I am sure you were fantastic as usual."
"I want to kill you anyway."

On jetlag –
"I have reached the limit of my consciousness and will pass out at my desk. Please wake me up when you are done and need me to vet."

On Brexit –
My FB status update: Who's leaving next?
My amazing friend's reply: Whichever country you next visit.

I must've scolded everyone today. At the end of my spiel, Overlord said:
Welcome back. We missed you.



And they gave me the quintessential 1980s VSOP glass for my Brandy and Ginger Ale.

We are like two old people in a pub on a Friday night.

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