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It's office hours and I am sitting at my dining table eating this bak chang made by my mother πŸ˜€

Supervising clean up while clearing emails on my BB.

Lunch at my neighbourhood hipster cafe.

Crossing the border.

And we have checked into the Legoland Hotel!

Adventure Suite.

Kids are having an amazing time. We spent something like 2 hours in the lobby just building stuff.

Check out the sea of bricks!

Have I ever mentioned that I love jelly? My dad used to make jell-o (only the red coloured ones) with fruit cocktail and we'd drizzle carnation milk over the top.

When I was 12 years old, my school canteen underwent this revamp to sell healthier options. The only sweet dessert you could get was this small container filled with about 2 tablespoons of green jell-o. We spent a lot of time sitting in the canteen eating cups of those.

For many years at Christmas, I'd make this giant jelly made out of cranberries and lemon jell-o to go with the meats and also to remember that childhood taste of red jelly with carnation milk.

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I am supposed to be on leave this week but I find myself on a train at 8.46am heading into work because:
"Ms L, can you come in on Monday morning to proofread my subs?"

My daughter's δΊŒθƒ‘ teacher called me yesterday afternoon and told me that she thought A should go for private classes because she showed promise. Arrangements were made to acquire one and for classes to start soon.

After that call, I said "But of course she shows promise at music. Like Mr Ong said before, her mother is so musical so of course she will be too."

Then I cried because that was one of the last things Mr Ong said to me before he passed away.


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Back in the school hall for school performance.

Poor photographer! This is like a work injury claim waiting to happen.

I have such bad occupational sickness that when I walk past construction sites, I check for safety belts and barricades πŸ˜‚

After the performance.

The problem with being an introvert –

"I quite like your presentation. I suggest we take it to all our other clients after this. Don't waste."
"If we're gonna do that, can I suggest that we take turns giving the seminar? So that I don't get seminar-fatigue?"
"Who the hell gets seminar fatigue?!"
"Me? Then I get sick of hearing my own voice? Then my seminar gets shorter and shorter coz I wanna end faster?"
"Oh. I forgot. Weirdo."

"Should we go down to eat lunch with the clients before the seminar?"
"Because before I speak to 30 people, I would like to be alone. Thank you very much."

"If judge still applies percentage deduction after reading our subs, I will commit sudoku!"

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"I need to read something fluffy and non-serious."
"Try the Criminal Procedure Code. No one follows it anyway."

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In school for meet the parents for A. No major complaints. Phew.

Slide-making is mind numbing…
I have read 20 cases and only have 5 slides. Considering I have to deliver this seminar tomorrow, I am so screwed.

It would be lamentable if the trial of personal injury claims puts a premium on protestations of misery and if a long face was the only safe passport to a large award.

Pen envy –
Judge has a vintage Pelikan M100. I have a Pelikan M205. We spent duration of PTC eyeballing each others' pens. One day I will come with a cooler Pelikan. One day.

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I just freed up 7 days in June. Suddenly, my calendar looks less like a disaster.


We had duck for lunch. This is the end of 3 years.

I find this away message hilarious –
"Hi. I am currently away from office. I will address your concerns as soon as possible when I am back."

On the wall of files outside his cube –
"These are [Associate K's] files! He is trying to Donald Trump me! I feel like Mexico!"

On the importance of good quality stockings –
"I think her moral outrage would have been far more successful if I didn't notice that she had a hole in her stockings and it's started to ladder."

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"Why are you sleeping?"

Most pathetic toilet plant ever.

I closed a file I had for 3 years which outlasted 2 associates.

Pleased does not even begin to describe it.

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