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Good morning. Here's a cross-eyed cat who spilled my coffee this morning.

All bent upon two rituals that define our lives, arriving and departing.

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Life is a serious business, not a works' outing.

Back-handed compliment –

On Tuesday morning, I put on my best bitch face and went into a contested application without really quite knowing what the shit was going on.

My client called me this morning and informed me that he received a call yesterday afternoon from one of the participants in that hearing, who told him, "Your lawyer is very good. She is very capable."

๐Ÿ˜‚ Totally made my morning.

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.

Because there is all the prep work, there is knowing the file inside out, then there is that little bit of magic.

At the end of working with me on a file, you get this nice letter printed on my nice letterhead telling you it is over and thanking you for your help, signed personally with my amazing brown ink ๐Ÿ˜‚

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I met someone in Court today who told me that she is losing focus on the work. We had a brief chat about our present state of affairs and exchanged words of encouragement before parting.

In my first year of practice, this same person did something to me which I then thought was unforgivable. While our relationship has now settled into "friendly," I have shelved that memory somewhere for further reference.

Which is my point, really, that "friendly" does not equals to "friends."

Also: Given enough time, no one remains on the hate list forever so keep an open mind always.

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When you find yourself rescuing the same file for the 2nd time while your colleague is away, you can't help but wonder what the Cosmos is trying to tell you.

Sorry for the blurred photo.

I had this salad for dinner tonight. It is just roast chicken over salad greens with tomatoes, pine nuts and quinoa dressed with a squeeze of lemon.

It reminded me of Rome and the evening we stumbled into this cafe down the street where we lived and had the most amazing roast chicken over lettuce, also dressed with a squeeze of lemon, while the sun set over the Colliseum.

There are no sunsets over the Colliseum today, just a tired girl sitting over her salad with a vodka soda while her dinner companion watched sports news showing on the TV behind the bar and they both ignored each other.

I chewed on a pine nut and remembered a chef telling me not to snack on sundried tomatoes during service because they were more expensive than pine nuts, and how I subsequently found out that sundried tomatoes required you to bake tomatoes at low heat for more than 48 hours.

Tomorrow I will not wonder whether I am such a horrible mentor that my mentee appears not to have any clue on what he is doing and therefore sent me to the wrong hearing this morning where I showed up to play football but was asked to play rugby instead.

Mela can do this.

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The raison d'รชtre of judicial review is that all powers have legal limits, and that there must be "recourse to determine whether, how, and in what circumstances those limits have been exceeded."

The problem with training associates is that there is always this conflict between:

(A) Hand holding them through a file. That creates a lot of unnecessary work and frustrations for me. Also they get used to it and stop thinking. But nothing burns so all is still good in the world.

(B) Stand aside and watch them crash. That still creates a lot of unnecessary work (ie clean up the mess) and frustrations (trying not to die when seeing a wall come towards us) for me. After a while, they also stop thinking and blame me for all their problems. Then they quit.

So how? I don't know. I think I will just eat chocolate and drink some vodka.

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This happens every morning.

I bring a clean cup of water to the table and have to wait for Joie to be done with it before I can drink.

Why, Joie? Why can't you go to the water bowl like a normal cat?!

Helping me soap dishes this morning.

Fyodor participating in laundry.

Trying out a new noodle place.

Chinese Cat is giving her best Chinese face.

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"I own this table."

A way with words –
"Mummy, this pasar malam is huge!"
"Enormous! … Mummy, it can't be enormous. If it is enormous, it will crush the whole road. Maybe it's just gigantic."
"But giants also crush the road."
"Okay. Maybe just big."


You wonder, perhaps, how long I have worked in this shop, but really you should wonder how long have I not worked here, and the answer I should give would be this: there is no time that I have not worked here.

Man, I have forgotten how good Friday evening yoga feels.

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