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Bak kut teh for lunch today, at my insistence. We walked in the sun while I rubbed my cold and numb fingers and drank bowls of hot peppery soup.

New coffee joint. Easy to drink but not as punchy.

"On my run tonight, I was almost run over by a bicycle. Then I passed a man running without his shirt on and carrying a tennis racket. It reminded me of your fears of running at night. Maybe you should carry a bat to hit people who try to rob you. If you decide to run at night."


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Saturday morning adventures.

In the stress that was yesterday morning, I had the following telephone conversation with one of my opponents –

He: Ah nya, why you sound so dead? It's Friday!
Me: Yes, I made it to Friday.
He: Then the energy level should be higher!
Me: I just wanna get to 6pm then go home and pass out.

He: What pass out?! Young people like you should be going home, putting on your slinkiest dress, then go out and bomchacha! I mean I am a 60 year old uncle and I am going to have dinner with 2 chabors tonight! I tell you what you are going to do! You are going to drink a can of Red Bull at 4pm and go out dancing tonight ok?

That made me laugh like hell for a while. When I got off the line, I told D that I think I have hit a new low in my life.

Apparently, the Supreme Court forgot to notify me to collect my Deed of Admission for the last 12 years or so. Either that or they really want to make $120 off me.

Talk about a bizarre end to a crazy week.

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A moment of honesty –
"I'm so worn out that I can't even speak in complete sentences anymore…today, I just can't…"

So I called someone yesterday and he picked up and told me he was in one of the toilets in Court and should get to where I was waiting for him .


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In the drunken haze of last night, I acquired an app in my phone consisting of cat mews, I worked out a look with the bartender to refresh my vodka soda, I learnt how to say hello in Welsh, I said the words "inclination to procreate" with regards to someone's girlfriend, I sang Perfect Day repeatedly, and had an extended conversation over the phone with my mother about make up in Mandarin.

In between all of that, I hosted a pub quiz.

I am so gonna die in Court today.

*hydrate hydrate hydrate*

The maimed pigeon.

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I wished I possessed the same amount of confidence that Fyodor has when he stands on the sofa, sizes up the top of my bookshelf, and makes that leap upwards.

He pushes all my pictures off, lie long, and stares at me, mocking, with lazy eyes.

I also want to be clever like the 15th variation of Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme by Paginini.

Until then, I need to do all kinds of heavy duty reading between now till Friday to Coldplay's new album which arrived in the mail yesterday.

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The moral of the story is –
Do not buy the two-box bundle of plums on offer because there is only enough time in the week to eat one box before the plums in the second box all go over-ripe.

It's been a crazy week. I got up for one trial on Monday and Tuesday, then on Thursday and Friday I got up for another trial.

I was soooo tired by last night that my internal soundtrack failed.

Have I mentioned that I live life to an internal soundtrack? I have a song for almost every moment usually but last night, I was so insanely drained that I think my body went into battery saving mode so it shut down my songs first. I went on my playlist and could not bring myself to play anything at all. We worked in silence, to that desperate sound of the iridium nib of my pen scratching against copier paper and the turning of the pages of Snell's Equity.

L and I quite literally left work, went home to crash, then showed up again this morning slouching in the same positions in my office surrounded by trial bundles and textbooks and a jumble of LAN cables, like we never left.

By 5pm today, I was incapable of thinking so we got a drink and split.

Now to grab a bit of the weekend and hope for the best on Monday. TGIF.

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Beware of asking people to question what's real and what isn't. They may reach conclusions you didn't see coming.

"This calculator is damn cool right?"
"Yes. It makes math fun again….okay maybe not."

Conversation in my office –

D: Why is there still lion dance music around here?
Me: Because it is still Chinese New Year?
D: Oh yes, you are right. I thought I was just hearing it in my head.
N: What lion dance music?!
Me: Someone get me out of here!!!

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