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"You know, A, sometimes when I find myself doing complex stuff like that, I ask myself how I got here. This isn't exactly what I signed up for when I was born, you know? But then I just do it anyway….Shit!"
"You just said a bad word, Mommy!"
"Sorry. I forgot that I was in polite company."
"It's all right, Mommy. You can watch your language next time."

"Done. Pick up all the scraps and throw them away, please."
"Are you going to help me, Mummy?"
"No. I have to scrub the toilet. That's one of those pesky adult things I have to do."
"But I want you to help me clean up Mummy."
"Sure. If you help me scrub the toilet after."

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Saturday morning at a warehouse.

The non-participants at a pool party.

I'm sitting at a table with 3 five-year-old boys.

The conversation is amazing.

"I'm going to kiss you ah!"

"No illegal or immoral activities are allowed in the room."

S and the gacha machines.

We got a Minecraft Skeleton Archer 😀

Loot from the piñata.

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"Morning" is a statement of fact.

"Good Morning" is a greeting.

"We seem to keep coming down with these stomach ailments."
"I am going to do something about it."
"Stock up on medication?"
"No. I am going to buy a bottle of Pastis."

I have left work because I am sick of wanting to kill my absent colleagues.


The thing about Sad Cat is that she doesn't exactly cuddle up. She just sits next to you really still, her tail or her butt touching you minimally so you know she is here with you and for you.

I love Sad Cat precisely because of this. She does not force you to pet her if you don't want to. She sits close, still and patient, unobtrusive, waiting for you to pet her in your own time, when you are ready to come back to this world again.

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I need a break. You know how I know? I am beginning to mix up my chain collisions. That just does not happen in my world unless I am shit tired.

I woke up this morning thinking it's Friday. Then I found out that someone forgot to tell me I have a trial next Tuesday which is giving me all kinds of panic because I keep thinking it is Friday and I am rapidly running out of time.

I am going to have a drink and then write my opening statement.

I want to stab myself right now.

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Names and hiring –
"I can't think of either of them as a suitable candidate. They both have such strange names!"

Summation of our current relationship –
"You don't understand me. I don't pretend to be that clear."

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"What do you mean by his phone number appears to be no longer working?"
"Means it is not working la!"
"Because it doesn't have bills to pay so it doesn't need a job?"

"He was travelling along when the traffic light suddenly stopped…"
"How did the traffic light stop?"
"Maybe it was travelling alongside him."

"…slightly gentle kiss to the front car."

Cider of the day. I still prefer Magners Whisky Cider though. Or maybe I prefer the memories associated with Magners Whisky Cider. This has a more acidic and less vanilla finish.

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We are missing one more 😦

And then I will spend most of this week covering 2 colleagues instead of just one.


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