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I need to remember that mixed feedback probably means we are just all equally confused about the subject matter of the discussion.

What I wanted to say –
"This is an issue of our collective conscience. Public policy is wider than my client's defence. So long as there are sufficient facts to suggest some kind of wrongdoing, the Court must take cognizance and is duty bound to investigate as this is a matter of our collective conscience."

But there aren't that many superheroes out there and I am not smooth enough to pull it off or even say stuff like "the strongest suit in my learned friend's case" without much eyerolling.

Overlord is right. I am spending too much emotional energy on this.

My year end claim to fame –
"and a team of expert contributors"

"I'm not just a contributor okay? I'm an expert contributor!"
"I am proud to be training under an expert. Does this mean I can just refer to the book from now on?"
"No! Getting yelled at by me for bad drafts is a strictly non-delegable duty!"


"Can I have your opinion on something?"
"You mean my expert opinion?"
"Your head is so big we can see it from Mars."

Confirm Starbucks hates me.

And then they put sugar in my tea. Assholes.


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