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When people start using words like "teamplayer" and "good attitude" in the middle of a meeting on staff appraisal, I get this sinking feeling in my heart and it makes me want to fold my arms across my chest like a belligerent child and stamp my feet.

I have been in too many of these meetings over the years. I was even once told that I should try to eat lunch with my colleagues instead of eating alone so that I appear to be more of a "teamplayer".

What I want to tell these people:

1. Whether or not one plays well in a team very much depends on the constituents of the team.

2. My attitude towards you very largely depends on your attitude towards me, which is also different from my attitude towards others.

3. Your personal views on my attitude and my team playing abilities should not be used to deduct against my positive contributions. My positive contributions are an objective fact. Your personal feelings are not.

This is the part about the year end that I really hate. I don't have a dick. Even if I did, I don't have any desire to show you how big it is.

On a lighter note –
"Hey Siri, call me big boss….shit my phone is calling [Overlord]!"
"Cancel! Cancel!"


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