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I'm home for the week because it's hearing break.

Sent A to a day camp today and thought I'd finally have time to myself and do a morning yoga class, drop by the dressmaker and then pick S up from school.


I've been passed out on my sofa all morning from stomach flu. Ugh.

Lying on the couch = Cat pillow all day.

My piano is back!

Had a chat with my piano guy and he told me to hang on to my day job because there are simply way too many piano teachers these days.

It's sad in a way but also a bit of a closure for me because I always thought I would return to music. Every year that I spent away from music was like a nick in my heart.

Then I gradually realised that I enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed music and every year thereafter was guilt-ridden, like I was cheating on music.

I guess all that matters is that I can still do a decent Italian Concerto right? I need to try to let go and remind myself that music is best when played for myself, albeit badly sometimes.


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