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I miss my piano.

My piano guy came yesterday and took the insides of my piano away because my springs are broken.

After breakfast today, I instinctively opened my piano before remembering that my hammers are gone. So there isn't anything to do but to make a cup of tea, put on some music and read a book.

For both of us, it had simply been too enormous an experience. We shared it by not talking about it.

"I love you, Conehead!"

My daughter will turn 7 years old today at approximately 11.30pm or so. I am told that she is one of the rare babies who arrived precisely on her estimated delivery date. At the very last hour of it, in fact, and through a rather dramatic emergency C-section because she wound her cord around her neck while in labour.

While I was pregnant with her, she provided me with an amazing source of comfort. When I felt down, she would obligingly move to let me know that she was there with me.

A couple of weeks back, she told me that when she grew up she will take me on a holiday to Canada with her.

"Why Canada?" I asked.
"Because the flag is really pretty," she replied.

She is thoughtful and sweet and we have the most amazing conversations together. She spent 2 days thereafter saying thank you to me when I hosted the pizza party for her last week.

I am so very lucky to be part of her life.

The chocolate cake I made this afternoon 😀


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