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Do you sometimes get those moments where you wonder if you have told someone too much about yourself?

That usually follows with a bout of being shifty and weird around said person until I realise that it wasn't his fault that I said too much and hope that it will not all come back to hurt me in the distant or near future.

It's gonna be an awkward Thursday.


Court doesn't like me very much either.

On why we need each other –

"Can you read this for me?"
"It is that time of the afternoon when I am not sure if I am speaking English."
"What the hell! This is at best Madras-speak! How many commas do you need to use?!"
"Hence I need you to read it."
"Okay it is amended."
"Erm. It still doesn't make much sense."
"Well, better than Madras-speak! Just tweak the senseless bits a little yourself!"
"True dat."


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