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If you were less of a piece of shit.

But you aren't.

So I'll just have a drink and carry on.

While walking her to my parents' today, I told my daughter that we are all living life for the first time. She will only by 7 once and I will only be the mother of a 7 year old daughter once. So while we assume that we will grow up and be responsible and sensible, that's not entirely true when everyone's versions of responsible and sensible are different.

So maybe we shouldn't be too hard on each other and on ourselves, especially ourselves.

We should live until we die.

(To put it in perspective for her, I also told her that the average life expectancy is about 80 to 88, to which she exclaimed, "But LKY lived past 90!" Then I had to explain what "average" was and how to calculate an average and the moment passed.)

In other news, my chai latte place has tea again! The woman who regularly made my tea saw me wandering by and waved me in! Haha!

Just goes to show that it doesn't always rain all the time.

What a crazy ass day.

I like men in well cut suits. You'd think that since I see so many of them everyday I would be numbed to them. I do still notice if someone has a particularly nice jacket or tie. Men in nice suits remind me of all of the black-and-white movies I love: Like Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina, or William Holden in Paris when it sizzles or Cary Grant in Charade.

They really don't make men like they used to.


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