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As I was walking down my office driveway past midnight, it occurred to me that Hey! It's 31 December already! Happy Name Saint Day to me!

There are many many things to be happy about, mostly that I have made it all the way to the end of the year without incident.

I should go home to bed. When I wake up, we will feast 😀

Litigation is a lifestyle choice.

Three glasses of champagne, two vodkas, one Opening Statement and 2 cups of coffee and a long chat later, I have finally left work.

I am ending 2015 on a high.

May we all be better versions of ourselves in the new year.

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"Come on in. We are in a neko atsume type situation."
"We're just hanging out here not doing very much."

After accidentally leaning on my light switch for the nth time –
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such a turn off."

Earlier in the morning –
"Floor is slippery outside [my morning tea joint]. Watch for spilled coffee at the junction."

(Which reminds me of how when I leave for Court, I always tell my secretaries "早去早回" and then Secretary A will reply "小心路滑" 😂)

"It's time to do a Cinderella. Let's go!"

And so, normal programming resumes.

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I need to remember that mixed feedback probably means we are just all equally confused about the subject matter of the discussion.

What I wanted to say –
"This is an issue of our collective conscience. Public policy is wider than my client's defence. So long as there are sufficient facts to suggest some kind of wrongdoing, the Court must take cognizance and is duty bound to investigate as this is a matter of our collective conscience."

But there aren't that many superheroes out there and I am not smooth enough to pull it off or even say stuff like "the strongest suit in my learned friend's case" without much eyerolling.

Overlord is right. I am spending too much emotional energy on this.

My year end claim to fame –
"and a team of expert contributors"

"I'm not just a contributor okay? I'm an expert contributor!"
"I am proud to be training under an expert. Does this mean I can just refer to the book from now on?"
"No! Getting yelled at by me for bad drafts is a strictly non-delegable duty!"


"Can I have your opinion on something?"
"You mean my expert opinion?"
"Your head is so big we can see it from Mars."

Confirm Starbucks hates me.

And then they put sugar in my tea. Assholes.

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I had 4 slices of the amazing ham made by Le Chef Patrick for breakfast!

All Christmases should be like this!

This is a pict of my son sitting in the corner of a Christmas party eating fries on his own because he doesn't know what to do.

That is so me. I am not sure if I should be grinning with pride or worried that he'll grow up as socially inept as I am.

Finally got myself some swissroll 🙂

"Why did the apple turn over?"
"Because he saw the Swiss roll."

Peng san dog 😂

Every Christmas, I rediscover the cool games on my hand phone at family gatherings.

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Emoji obsession –
"I didn't hear from him so I sent him a text message but he didn't reply. So was wondering if you could walk over and check whether he got my package."
"Did your message contain an emoji?"
"Yes. A Christmas tree."
"Cannot! Must be one of those faces. Or hearts. Hearts always work."

Rudolph the piano guy.

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"Merry Christmas from someone with no imagination."
"This is the first time in my life I am receiving an angpow as a Christmas present."
"It's red."


I just made a breakthrough on one of my files after 2 hours of dog work! I am grinning from ear to ear and bouncing off the walls.


I traded in my run tonight to wrap presents and write personal thank you notes for my staff.

It's been a good year. I don't recall having this much fun at work for a long while.

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"I'm going down for coffee. Can I get you anything?"
"True love and happiness."
"We live in a drug free society."

"Didn't anyone tell you that when you reach a certain age, you shouldn't go around pulling apples out of your handbag?"

Because all our parents happened to be away for 冬至, Overlord bought us 汤圆. 💜

The annual reindeer living it up with God and Saint Jude.

The de-stress brownie.

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