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Just when I thought I have gotten through the week without having to eat ramen…

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Q: What do litigators do when they settle a week long hearing on the first day?
A: They drink heavily for the duration of the settled hearing.

And so I haven't stopped drinking since Tuesday, my poor liver!

When I popped into Court this afternoon, all kinds of people were making drunk jokes at me.

So I passed on drinking today to stare down a pile of files on my desk that was a head taller than me.

The three-million-dollar question is: Can I still run tonight?

Verdict's out on that one.

Reprise –
"What a strong smell of orange!"
"I am not drinking! I am eating an orange! Stop thinking that I am drinking in the middle of the afternoon!"
"See! I am the least judgemental of you lot! I would not have made the connection between the smell of orange and drinking vodka."
"That's because you are in fact standing right next to me while I am peeling the orange and vetting your defence."

Too groggy to run so it's splits, handstands, shower and bed, in that order.

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He means something to you and you don't know why.

I found out yesterday that it is possible to run off a champagne-migraine, which is really great because the last time I was made to drink champagne, I showed up at work the next day half-dead.

People who cannot answer questions completely are annoying –

She: Thanks for agreeing to do this.
Me: What are the logistics?
She: *provides date and time*
Me: Where exactly in the compound?
She: *provides name of conference room and tells me that it is airconditioned and has a projector*
Me: Possible to let me know which floor it is on? I don't want to wander around lost.
She: Thank you for being so enthusiastic about the preparation. Have a nice day.


Not sure how I should feel about the updates on Whatsapp from colleague who has gone for a seminar in the tune of "Oh I am eating lunch now" and "Oh this seminar is getting interesting."

I mull over it while toying with the straps of my handbag which now contains a newly acquired black skirt and listening to the barista steam milk for my skinny latte.

I settle for feeling appreciative, imagining that maybe he misses my winsome personality and great company and therefore felt compelled to text me compulsively so that he could pretend I was there with him.

How sweet.

I will try not to feel too resentful that I am stuck here slogging through my work on an almost-Friday afternoon.

"Why would someone like you have so much angst to get rid of?"
"That is a one bottle of whisky question and I don't think you want to know the answer anyway."

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We are having champagne brunch!

"Overlord wants you to stop me from agreeing to run away with strange men in Court this afternoon."
"I had no doubts about your sobriety until you told me that."

Overheard conversation between the munchkins –
"Elephants are just animals. How would they know whether they are boring or not?!"

Thoughts while running –

If living requires a leap of faith, then living in itself is inherently risky. Doesn't that mean that the descriptive "unnecessary" is purely subjective and circumstantial?

(Back story – When told that I was going out to run after dinner, someone suggested that I should do some yoga at home and not take any unnecessary risks by going out alone in the middle of the night, alluding to a lunch conversation some time ago when someone said that running at night for a girl is as dangerous as riding a motorcycle.)

Champagne stories –

"So when I thought I was not going to get a pupillage offer with the firm, I applied to two other firms: [Law Firm H] and [L&L]. I applied to [Law Firm H] because I wanted to appear in their TV ad. As for [L&L], I figured that it would be great because if I took over the firm in the future, I didn't need to change its name to add mine in. Don't be like me okay? Don't make important life decisions based on random reasons."

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In a moment of prescience, I took off the orange dress I had intended to wear to work today while putting on my make up and put on a black skirt instead.

While I was walking to the train, I received the call telling me that we are going on today, the call to suit up when I get in.

Litigator's instinct, or my God watching over me.

On how much of an alcoholic my colleagues think I am –

I brought a blood orange to work yesterday and peeled it in my office. After I was done eating it, Associate K came in, sniffed the air, and asked, "Oh! Is that what the orange vodka smells like?" Shortly after, Secretary M came in and asked the exact same thing.

Apparently, as far as both of them are concerned, it is not unusual for me to be drinking at my desk at 3pm in the afternoon.

Cat watches me try to do a split every night.

Slowly but surely 🙂

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Reunited with his cat.

I want to rest in your light.

Can we have sliders….with extra pickles, please.

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Yay! It's much clearer today!

Random Chinese girl in Sepang.

My favourite corners in Sepang 🙂

Ginormous hat and I going home 😀

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