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Terry Pratchett on Authority and Tyranny –
"Authority that cannot be questioned is tyranny and I will not accept any tyranny, even that of Heaven."

"I walked by and saw you staring at the cakes in the chiller."


Warped alcoholic logic –
"If you are hungry, drink the chocolate Baileys. If you are not hungry, drink the Belvedere."

Tomorrow is D day.

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Went to work in the clouds this morning.

Lunch was a curry puff in the waiting area of Court.

That's my yardstick of how sad my day is, by the way. When you have to eat a snack in between hearings in the waiting area in Court, you know you are damn sad.


How my day has been.

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Best buy this weekend. It was on sale and we got a further discount with my credit card. Sad Cat is pleased.

I saw a dude running with a face mask on yesterday evening. If I don't manage to get to yoga class this evening, I am going running with a face mask too.

I found out today while re-heeling my shoes that the shoe repair uncle has been plying his trade for 60 years in total and spent the last 30 years in this location!

In the cool of the morning we chatted about shoe-making and the old days. I sat next to him under his umbrella watching him work and listening to his stories.

I must remember to drop in on him in the mornings and not lunchtime. By lunch he is usually sullen and grumpy in the heat.


I just dealt with this pile of files. Wtf.

I am stressed up to my eyeballs. Can you tell?


Rain, rain, wash away the haze…

A while ago I took a walk across that side of the river and noticed that there was serious construction work going on. It looked like they were making pavements and I could not get through to the Esplanade.

Then I was told that they were excavating dinosaur bones. I lost a beer over that bet until Husband pointed out that archaeology is different from paleontology and D was just shitting me.

What a long time ago that seems.


Today D made a remark about Hippos swimming and I asked him to bet with me on that. He refused and proceeded to stand around reading about hippopotamuses and told me that in his alternate life he would probably have become an animal specialist.

Really? I asked and told him about my rather extensive collection of all things hippopotamus.

Nope, he replied. Actually he was more a dinosaur person.

Which just explains the excavation, doesn't it.

Do people who are not used to being emotionally honest come across as having something to hide?

Is there a difference between emotional honesty and emotional candour?

We sat in the sun on a pavement eating a quick lunch in the haze. This is the second lunch we are eating outdoors in the haze, which is kinda odd because in the days before the haze, we hardly ever ate outdoors.

In the middle of lunch, we placed spoons on the tables to explore trajectories. We talked about Newton's Laws, engineering degrees and physics, about tailoring suits, wearing scarves and bad neck rashes.

It really hasn't been too long but it feels so.

And I wonder whether I am setting myself up all over again.

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7-year-old wisdom –
"Porridge will wash away disappointment."

Someone's playing the Barney theme song in the public toilet on repeat…

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Relationship advice from semi drunk colleagues –
"I figured that if you ask many times and persistently enough, most girls will go out with you. Somehow they go into this empathy mode."
"I'm trying to remember all the dates I went on where I wasn't interested at all."
"That's where being a cockroach comes in."
"Don't be a cockroach. Just because she goes out with you doesn't mean she likes you. She could be bored. Boredom makes you do stupid things."
"And you should know this right?"

"Maybe I should learn how to be a bartender."
"Is this going to be one of your fantastical ambitions again like being a trapeze artist?"
"I already make good coffee. This will just be a natural step up. I could work upstairs till 5.30pm and come down and tend the bar at night."
"You really like to work."

I can't decide if learning all that physics yesterday killed some of my brain cells or made me smarter. I do know that I have spent most of today trying to sleep off this unshakeable fatigue.

It is seriously such a bad time to come down with anything.

Alcoholic Ribena

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After listening to it on repeat over the last 5 days or so, I am finally getting into the Brandon Flowers album.

But that probably means it isn't one of those very apparently likeable albums. I like it because I made it grow on me and I have found out that I can make any type of music (besides techno and atonal) grow on me given enough time.

In comparison, the Nate Ruess album and Brett Anderson's Black Rainbows were immediate likes. So sorry, Brandon Flowers. You are not on my must by list.

@crossedapple Can help? 😆 I will be eternally grateful!

Times like these I wished I had paid more attention in physics classes…

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Early lunch comprising of pasta in seafood cream sauce with watercress and baby corn, seared scallops and two dozens of supermarket escargots.

A rare moment of peace.

At the bowling alley for a class gathering.

When you are so small that you are actually in serious danger of throwing yourself down the lane…

I'm so well trained that I am still in default colours on my off day.

Lemon Ginger Pear cider and Texas fried chicken.

I'm a Princess 😀

Because it is an Epic Munchkin sorta night.

This is kinda weird. I still like my Espresso Stout better.

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