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"I'm on your countertop checking out what's in your smoothie."

If I get past today, I will make my way to my usual watering hole and drink like my life depended on it.

On my fearsome reputation in court –
J: Why are you a threesome today? Usually it's just Batman and Robin…
He: You mean she broke the rules today and brought someone ugly?

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I tried to jump into a handstand when I came home from my run last night and found out that I could stay in the air longer.


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Beer stories –
She: I've never had a Hen's night. I had 2 bridesmaids. One of them was being evicted from her rental and the other had cancer. So no one had time for a Hen's night.
He: You tell the saddest stories, you know.

Names in coffee joints –
"I am M. She is Boss."

Marriage advice –
"Don't marry musicians. Musicians are unstable."
"You're talking about yourself, right?"
"I thought musicians are just passionate, sensitive and all that?"
"Unless you can deal with a spouse who constantly goes MIA to hide in her music, don't."

That said, litigation lawyers are also unstable.


Sometimes, grief creeps up you when you least expect it, in a form you never anticipated, like in the middle of the dull morning, in a business phone call, in words bringing you back to a dusty pink hall thoughtfully decorated and the music, always the music.

I miss him horribly. It's a space in my heart I try and try to fill but cannot.

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Adult problems –
"Gonna be late for work. I am trying to fix my water heater"

12 hours, a bowl of Jap curry udon, a cup of tea, 2 cups of coffee, 1 anti – money laundering seminar, 3 glasses of champagne and sips of apple cider later, I come home to find that my water heater has been fixed by my father.

My father is my superhero.

Now to hydrate like crazy before heading to bed to wake up to another Wednesday.

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"Sorry. Need to put all the words in my head in correct order before I can vet your draft. You know, Mondays."

L: What seminar are you attending tomorrow?
Me: The Future of Money Laundering.
D: I have to correct my boss here. The seminar is The Future of Anti Money Laundering. Contrary to popular belief, my boss is not a super villain.

"Bye bye. I am gone to find the other half of my brain."

"What are you doing in my cube?!"
"I was going to leave you a note."
"About what?"
"About whether my continued presence in this office is essential for your general well being."

I found a place that makes me good chai. But I avoid it in the mornings because someone I know will be there and I don't really want to see said person in the morning. Ugh.

"This is kinda deja vu!"
"You dreamt about this before?"
"Not sure. But I do dream about work a lot."
"Don't dream about me too much okay? My husband will want to kill you if he finds out."

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Friday evening –
Me: Wanna grab a bite?
He: No. I think we drink too much.

My lovely Bodum glass 😀

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Old emails on old cases settled 4 years later.



(and my ultra-excessive WMF kitchen timer)

The bread-waiting corner.

The cider test.

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