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Cloudy morning

The flying chicken.

Durians by the roadside.

Rice terrace.

A monkey and his potato chips.

Wink at Monkey Forest.

Dinner on Jimbaran beach.

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Can I just say that it is damn stressful trying to coordinate a buncha peeps and a 7-seater taxi?

Flight delayed. Meh.

We've finally arrived at the Villa. S is making friends with the resident cat.

My father and his friend.

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Fyodor likes bathroom mats.

The problem with people who are too smooth is that they get my back up. So I spend a lot of time wondering whether they have an ulterior motive and/or a secret identity.

Which makes it very hard because half the time I am all shifty and weird wondering if I have said too much, gave too much of myself away to an unknown.

One of the things that really affects me is if someone takes something which means a lot to me and rubbish it. This makes it really hard sometimes for me to talk to people who trivialise my work. So I try to protect myself by not letting these people know how much I feel about it.

Sure, I laugh about my work all the time, but I actually feel immensely for it and do it really seriously.

It's like how I feel about my music. I don't really share music with people anymore because it is personal to me and I have a sneaky suspicion that if you are observant enough, you will be able to tell exactly who I am from what I like. Most people are probably not observant enough but one can never tell.

I'm not even sure why I am talking about this or whether it makes any sense at all.

It's probably my mental fatigue speaking. Say hello to my fatigue, everyone.

…thoughts over feelings meaning that feelings deny…


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The problem with kittens.

I'm eating lunch at 11.40am to try to get over something.

Reminder to self that (a) I must not roll my eyes too much and (b) I cannot save everybody and least of all from themselves.

I'm so stressed out about going away that I can't even feel excited about it till probably when I get on the plane on Saturday morning.


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My shitty time for meet the parents today is 11am. So I go into work for 1.5 hours, trek to school to meet A's teachers then drag my sorry ass back to the office to get my files for Court in the afternoon.

I'm pretty sure we've been black-marked for being disinterested parents…

An eatery from my childhood!

I came here after meeting A's teacher to have the best popiah ever! The queue is crazy though with the limited seating.

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Strange conversation from yesterday –
Overlord: You can carry your conscience around on a leash, like a puppy, but you cannot allow it to answer questions on your behalf.
Me: WTF. That's like having a familiar in D&D right? Do you know if your familiar gets killed you drop levels?
He: Please remember to attribute this analogy back to me.
Me: WTF.

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On colleagues who are aloof –
"If say after 2 years and you know jack shit about him then you should start worrying if he's on a witness protection programme or leading a double life."

Seen in case report –
"She could not tell the court how the man looked like. She could not see the colour if his T shirt, shorts, ear piece and his waist pouch. She did not notice if his T shirt covered his shorts. Even though she saw the accused's private parts, she did not know the colour of his private part. She told the Court that she was short sighted and therefore could not see the colour of the private part."

How the crackers do you ask such questions in cross-ex??!!?

On failing to save me from a dreaded conversation –
"Don't blame me! We collectively decided to sit around and do nothing!"

We are such fail parents that we forgot to sign up online for a slot to meet A's teachers on Wednesday and the online application is now closed so we'll probably end up with a shitty time slot.


Me: Do you have a secret identity?
Aloof Colleague: No.

Someone in school made this for A.

Erm…issit time to worry and screen her friends?

On how amazing my husband is –
I was seated at the dining table talking to Husband who was standing next to me and noticed that my white ceiling fan was covered in black dust.
"Oh crap," said I. I can't un-see it means I have to clean it. At 10pm.
Husband sighed, climbed onto the bench at the dining table with a box of wet wipes and cleaned it for me because it offends my sensibilities. Then he went out for a long run.

Embarrassing cross-ex questions (redux) –
Doctor: UTI could be the result of many different factors such as prostate problems.
He: So if you say that UTI could be caused by other reasons such as prostate problems…
Doctor: Yes?
He: So could this Plaintiff's UTI be due to prostate problems instead of her cauda-equina injury?
*stunned silence*
Doctor: The Plaintiff is female. She cannot have prostate problems.



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