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The love of sun.

The weekly loaf – made with a mix of 10-grain and graham flour

Saturday night sweets.

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Animal print Friday!

Lunchtime meeting

Done with the letters! Now to water parade and call it a day!

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Nephew: Erm…this is kinda awkward but are you pregnant again?
Me: No. I am just wearing a dress that allows me to eat a lot of food.

I interviewed this dude two weeks ago and we offered him a job, only to have him turn us down.

Then this morning, one of our colleagues from another department circulated his CV again. Apparently, he wrote to my colleague to ask for a job yesterday. At the same freaking firm he rejected 2 weeks ago. Wtf.

So I guess it is lucky that he didn't accept my offer after all. Heh.

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I've been spending the last few mornings chatting with my mother and arriving at work late but hitting the ground running.

Maybe because I was the youngest daughter who happened to be an introvert, it feels like I spent the most time at home with the parents amongst the three of us. So a large part of my childhood memories is related to sitting around the old marble table in the kitchen of our old place listening to my mother's stories of the trials and tribulations of various people.

So these mornings have been quite nice and precious for me, a bit like a hail back to the old days of just the two of us at home in the mornings with my old piano and the music.

I guess that's probably why I react badly when my sisters come and tell me about stuff I should be doing for my parents. I resent the fact that they feel that their occasional appearance is superior to the fact that I am here for them every day.

Part of the εˆδΈ€ festivities.
Poor Jojo!

My Lent fast starts. As usual, everyone makes fun of it (especially at the client lunch this afternoon where everyone kept asking me to eat more food since I am fasting dinner today.)

He: I am giving up wine this Lent. I told my kid to give up whining.

I give A a daily allowance which allows her to buy a meal, a drink and with some money left over to save.

There were 2 occasions in the last 2 months where instead of a meal, she buys some sweet, sugared snack instead. This results in her skipping lunch altogether given that my mother doesn't cook lunch for her when she comes home at 2pm.

This afternoon, Husband picked her up from school and found out that she had again flouted the no sugary / unhealthy snack rule.

So I have decided that I am going to cut her allowance by a quarter from tomorrow onwards until she proves that she can be trusted to spend her money responsibly.

Hope this works.

The once-a-day rendition of Princess Waltz before bedtime.

Have I mentioned that after ironing almost every day for close to 2 months, I have become really good at ironing?

As a result of becoming really good at ironing, I have become slightly obsessed about it. I am now ironing everything from T-shirts to bedsheets to tea towels. Wtf.

A part of me looks on, disgusted, wondering when this phase will pass.

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The world according to my children –
The perfect soft-boil egg is the one made by ε…¬ε…¬. It involves leaving the egg in just boiled water for precisely 5 minutes and served with a dash of light soya sauce and a small glob of salted butter.

This is the breakfast I serve my kids every morning, together with half a slice of whatever wholemeal bread I made over the week with Nutella and a cup of milo I made from steamed fresh milk.

Breakfast of Champs. πŸ˜€

I am trying to eat at Kinki again by submitting an online reservation 2 days in advance.

My question is why does Kinki have such a low opinion of their auto-generated reply? It arrived in my inbox just fine!

"Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, our restaurant is fully booked."
Eat at Kinki – Fail.

Paralegal R bought me chocolate! I am taking it with me to the High Court πŸ˜€

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My MIL came over to stay through the CNY period. This is the longest I've ever had her over at my place. She usually just comes on Saturday and goes home on Sunday.

As a result, it was a little uncomfortable because we do things differently. Like how I like preparing breakfast by myself in the mornings but she insists on helping, or how I like to play piano in the afternoons when the kids are asleep but I can't because she's watching TV.

I guess this is the long explanation to why I missed yesterday. I spent the day trying to get over my frustrations and angst by taking a long nap (which I usually don't take but I can't practice piano, see.)

Oh well, I get annoyed with my own mother if I had to stay with her for a prolonged period of time. The difference is that I can be emotionally honest with my mother because I have known her all my life. So I guess this is just one of those things I have to deal with internally.

On a more positive note, here are some pics of Bay Max and Hiro drawn by S last night. πŸ˜€

Office Lohei πŸ˜€

I just hired 2 new minions. Yay.

Now off to the first yoga class after CNY. *squeak*

Overlord came to my office this morning and told me that his zodiac tells him that he will make many misjudgements this year while it is a great year for me.
"So you need to be my second chair this year and override my decisions sometimes."
"But I already do that all the time."
You should have seen the look on his face.

On how well trained my husband is –
Me: I am looking at this instagram account of this woman who is taking picts of all the beautiful girls in the world in a project called The Atlas Of Beauty. I note that most of the girls have freckles! I also have freckles!
He: Yes. You're beautiful too.

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Besides my grandmother's voyage chest, this is the other talking point of my living room.

This is an original marble table from my grandfather's coffee shop. It used to sit in the kitchen of my parents' old place and functioned as our dining table. I used to do homework on it as well into the night. When my parents moved, my father wanted to discard it but I got them to save it for me.

I had a buncha people gathered around it on εˆδΈ€ discussing how best to restore it. Heh.

In the words of Nephew E, taking a selfie with family members is too mainstream.

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