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Cycling Saturday!

Taking a rest to take in the scenery.

2 children below 3 years old.
That explains why we feel like we are going to die right?
Also there are zero gears on this contraption. Climbing hills is a bitch.

Inspired by @fourfeetnine + request from Secretary M
I made butter cookies today! Mine contain 1 cup of butter (ie 250g or one slab of Lurpak), 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of brown caster sugar, vanilla essence (estimate about 1.5 teaspoons? I just pour from my bottle haha), pinch of salt. Chilled the dough before cutting / shaping and baked in a 175°C oven for 10 minutes.

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Fun. Live at Fingerprints EP = 💙💚💛💜

She: What does [old lawyer] look like?
Me: [His son] with eyebrows and turban.
She: Funny.
Me: You know I am right 😀

Later –
Me: So what happened? What's his sorry excuse?
She: Somebody died and he has problems contacting him or something. Basically he bullshit his way into an adjournment.
Me: Meaning he spewed so much rubbish that the judge adjourned it to get rid of him?
She: Yup. That's accurate.

Wow. I need to acquire that ability.

Garden Picks gave me complementary nuts!

I just showed up at Overlord's hearing, got it dismissed with costs in my favour! He's had the file for the last six years and failed to get rid of it twice!!
I feel POWERFUL!!!!!

To celebrate my victory, I left work early for an earlier yoga class. It's now before 7pm and I am heading home! The best part? One of our closest friends is coming over with crab dinner!! Yay!!!

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I'm going to my dentist this afternoon for Part 2 of my periodontal adventures. Explains why I am brushing my teeth extra carefully now…

Overlord just bought me lunch and drove me to my dentist for agreeing to take over his hearing tomorrow. Ahahahahaha!!

Periodontal adventures continue in 2 weeks. I can't feel the right side of my tongue. He says it'll only wear off at 5pm.
Oh well. At least he cleaned my teeth in order from right to left today and didn't screw around with my brain.

I'm in Ikea alone to pick up some storage boxes. I am trewely scared for my wallet.

I escaped with some tealights and zero storage boxes. 😩

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I interviewed someone yesterday who went to the same secondary school and junior college as I did. I had asked to meet her (out of 4 candidates) precisely because of that fact, because I wanted to see how different someone who arguably had the same educational opportunities as I could be from me.

She's nice. A couple of hours after the interview, she sent me an email to thank me for my time. We like her. We are likely to offer her a job.

So this morning while walking to the train, it occurred to me that actually, what schools you attended really does matter in the long run. I like to think that I am an equal opportunity employer but the truth is that I had picked her out of 4 equally inexperienced people because she went to the same schools as I did. All things being equal, I would pick a candidate who has some common ground with me.

That probably means I need to try harder at the equal opportunity bit.

That said, these days when I interview people, I increasingly find myself having to sell the position to the candidate instead of assessing the candidate. As in I'll tell the candidate what the opening is, what the candidate is expected to do and then ask the candidate whether he or she is still interested. I don't wanna have them labour under any delusions of grander about how dirty my job is, see.

I don't remember it being like that when I was interviewed 10 years ago. At that time, i recalled that interviewing was hell lot scarier because you were quizzed extensively on your abilities and your grades and your long term plans etc.

Not sure what has changed. Not sure whether this is a better way to do it but I've hired some really good people this way, by honestly telling them I need a workhorse.

Oh well. We'll see how this pans out.

Overheard in Court –
"I told my kids that if they are bad in Maths, Science and Chinese, they have no choice in life! They can only become lawyers!!"

It has begun. Trainee K asked me what's the difference between a fountain pen and a ball point. I told him "the feel" and I let him try my Kaweco Sport Ice.

He: I'm always losing my pens.
Me: Trust me, when you have a good pen, you will make it a point not to lose it. Or maybe because I was a waitress for a very large part of my life so I learnt never to lose a pen.

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A recurring theme in my life –
"Morning Ms L. I'm late. I'm stuck in the bus for an hour and the exit to Stevens road is closed. Now I dunno where the bus is going."

I'm a bit sick of work. It's like this. I spent the last year holding the fort for everyone who's on leave and then the new year starts and I find myself still holding the parcel when the music stops and no one seems to think that there's anything wrong with that. In fact I was told that I should take on more responsibilties this year. Is that even physically possible?! Argh. I think I need to do nothing for a while.

I'm marginally more productive today than yesterday. Yay.

This is awkward. I am standing in the train next to someone I sacked many years ago.

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Suspicious cat is suspicious.

(I think she thought that no one was in the kitchen and jumped onto the counter to drink the leftover fresh milk from my milk steaming jug.)

I just found out that she also took a bite out of my bread. Wtf.

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About a duck –
He: Here's a whole smoked duck. You've got to chop it.
Me: Okay. I'll see what I can do.
Later –
Me: I think I've done my best with the duck.
She: Wow! Did you make it?
Me: I didn't. [Your husband] bought it.
She: Why did my husband buy you a duck that's not cut?!
Even later –
Me: Can you get me a plaster? I cut myself washing the chopper.
Husband: Why were you washing the chopper?
Me: Because I was chopping the duck?
He: Why did he buy us a duck which wasn't chopped?!

In his defence, he got it in Cold Storage whole. It was yummy and I now have a carcass to make soup stock so that the next time they come over, they can have yummier soup [since the stock I make is usually vegetable stock and not meat stock.]

The annual trip to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre with my parents to buy pineapples for tarts and other dried fruit / nuts.

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