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Today is my name saint day!

St. Melania whose feast day is December 31. Melania was born to wealthy Christians, Publicola, a Roman senator, and Albina. At fourteen, she was given in marriage to Valerius Pinianus. When two of her children died soon after childbirth, her husband agreed to lead a life of continency and religious dedication.

The life of St. Melania reminds us of the fleeting character of earthly wealth. We should strive to emulate her use of wealth as well as talents to further the cause of Christ.

So it's kinda ironic that I am sitting at home waiting for the delivery of my wide screen TV.

The name saint day feast!
I made polenta chips, garlic butter broccoli, and angel hair pasta with a creamy tomato sauce!

Big screen TV has arrived!

My son the veggie king –
I cooked 2 heads of broccoli this afternoon and my son ate three-quarters of it.
So I fried 3 packets of 奶白 for dinner and my son is eating about half of it.
Cooking 4 bags of bakchoy seems a bit extreme but looks like that's the way it's going to be.

Cat on arm into the new year.

May we all be better people in the coming year.

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This is my last working day of the year.

My work attitude has degenerated to I can't be f-ed to fix your problems.

Not good for my line of work at all…

Fighting everything is not ecologically sustainable.

Took the girls and J to the last lunch of the year.

We tried to eat at this Jap place that we have been trying to eat at all year. We have only eaten there once and we walked in and got a table. All of the other times we tried to eat there, the place was full. So today we tried to walk in again and were thrown out. Wtf.
So we ended up at this Asian Bar next door eating atas Asian food, which was quite pleasant and yummy.

So maybe one of my new year resolutions should be: We will eat at Kinki again.

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Thor and the Parrot

I dropped by Starbucks to pick up a bag of beans as we are running low. While I was standing around trying to remember which between the French and Italian wad darker, woman comes up to assist me.
She: You are looking for coffee?
Me: Yes. Do you have something that is dark and not fruity or acidic?
She: You can try the Sumatran.
Me: That's not really dark enough for me.

Me: How about the Italian roast?
She: My son has tried it. Not me. He says it's nice.
Me: Can I check what's the difference between French roast and Italian roast?
She: Actually it's all the same to me.
Me: …

In the end, I remembered that Italian is always darker than French and bought the Italian.

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I've been rushing around like a mad woman trying to buy all of A's stuff for her first day of school next Friday. We are also still running household errands so it was a crazy crazy day.

Special thanks to MIL for sitting in an indoor playground with the kids for 2 hours so that we could buy a TV etc.

I still need to buy stapler bullets, 2 more coat stands and some more storage boxes from Ikea.


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Another day of trying to clean up our rental apartment and buying more stuff from Ikea for the new place.

I really hope we'll finish with this soon. My January looks like crap.

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As if we haven't got enough of cat fur back home, we are visiting Husband's friend's Cat Cafe this morning 😀

Seriously, how can someone be so furry?!

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Merry Christmas to all on Dayre + all who happened by!
Feast in moderation 😀

Rudolph makes a new friend.

Rudolph contemplates the meaning of life from the top of Rapunzel's tower.

Rudolph is adopted.

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