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In the basement car park the other day –
T: Why he park his Bentley so badly? I want to scratch his shiny new car!
Overlord: Your God says you can't scratch his car.
Me: Who say?
T: My God doesn't say I can't scratch his car. My God tells me not to do anything I don't want done to me. I don't mind him scratching my Toyota. So I can scratch his car.

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Very good advice from Minion T.

One of those days where everyone I dislike are in Court together…

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I've just discovered that my phone is good for reading books I don't want to be seen reading in public.
I've read three books in the last 3 days.
Goodbye, sleep.

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We will discuss your suggestion at the next Daddy-Mummy meeting.

I am miserable without V 😦

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Why do you make my life such hell?
Today I was told that:
1. The supp card I cancelled in March was not cancelled.
2. The upgraded card that I applied for on 30 June has not been applied for.

I am so so so frustrated I actually told the girl who spoke to me today that I want the last person who attended to me on 30th June sacked.

The taxi driver's GPS is driving me nuts.
And issit my imagination or is it giving him wrong directions?
"At the roundabout, turn right."
Huh? What roundabout??!!

The feel better chendol –
After going to Court and realising that Secretary M recorded the wrong date and after Overlord called me while I was in court and scolded me for Minion T's omissions.

"Turn right. Head Northeast. Turn left. Slide right."

Taxidriver just confessed to me:
"My GPS got problem. It made me go one big round just now so I was late to pick up."
No shit, Sherlock.

"Wrong turn. Wrong turn. Recalculating."

I am surprised that:
1. I actually got home.
2. I burst out laughing in the cab and couldn't stop even after I paid and got off ie I can actually still laugh about this!

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Commando left our employment on Tuesday. Trainee J left for her month-long holiday before her call this morning. As such, we have been drinking non-stop since last Friday.

I came into work today and sat at my desk, inundated with files.

I miss them horribly already.


It so transpired that Commando will be leaving for a holiday on Friday. This will be the first time in his life he is travelling alone.

When we were drinking together on Tuesday evening, he told us that his mother doesn’t know about him going on a holiday alone yet.

Say what?!

Apparently when he told his mother that he quit his job, his mother gave him such an earful that he could not tell her then that he was going to fly off to some strange country alone. Then he left it and now plans to call her from the airport.


After drinks, we parted at the bottom of our office block with tips on picking up chicks in bars and all of our well wishes.

May you find true love and happiness.


My son went on an excursion yesterday to Sentosa with his classmates and I made him wear a pair of sandals instead of shoes to school.

At 8:45am, while I was standing in the train on my way to work, I received an irate phone call from The Other Half telling me that my son refused to go into school because he didn’t want the sandals and wanted the shoes instead. According to Lion, My friends will laugh at me!

When you come home tonight, can you please talk to your son to sort out his problems?!? exclaimed The Other Half.

I was mildly amused by that exclamation. Then I remembered Commando and his inability to tell his mother that he was leaving for a holiday alone.

It’s really difficult, don’t you think? Your husband expects you to conduct these pep talks with your son. Then your son grows up to be so scared of your pep talks that he can’t tell you where he is going.


I didn’t have that pep talk with Lion in the end. The Other Half managed to shove him through the school gate after about 20 minutes. He went on the excursion with his friends after all and had so much fun that he lost his voice and spent the evening with nary a peep.

When I got home, his father and him were crowded round his father’s Note 2 playing Plants vs Zombies 2 together like they are the best of friends.

Boys. I don’t think I will ever figure them out.

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When shown a picture of a plane bearing the Swiss flag, S exclaimed, "Mummy! That's an ambulance plane!!"

On job loyalty –
Text message from T today:
" Someone called me and offered me a job at a financial consultancy firm. $8k a month. Excluding commissions. Sounds fabulous. I said that I'm on the DNC."

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