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Citibank – Making my life hell for the last 10 years.

Mummy, if I eat a lot of crocodile, will I become a crocodile?

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The poor kids have been trying to go to the Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay to play sand for the last 2 to 3 weeks but it keeps raining on Sunday mornings.
So when I got up and saw the sun today I thought we could finally make it for sand play. But just as we were getting ready, it started to thunder.

Daddy: S, it's looking like it's going to rain. We can go to Gardens by the Bay but we may not be able to do sand play.
S: Then I don't want to go to Gardens by the Bay. Let's go somewhere else. So I won't have angry face.

Indoor Playground in progress…

Joie Chaton

Evidence that I am surrounded by people who take crap pictures –
My legs, my messy living room, and half a cat.

My bathroom smells of Kodomo Grape Toothpaste.

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An insanely important letter.

What a crazy day. Went swimming, dropped kiddies off at MIL's and had a quick lunch, went back to my primary school for the P1 registration talk, went to get cat food, dropped by a wake (a friend's mother suddenly passed away…sad…), went to meet MIL and SIL and kiddies for dinner, went back to MIL's, fell asleep on the sofa…

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Nuclear Cockroach knows the secret to a long life.

Getting a tan: NA –
V: I'm thinking of going on a holiday. But I haven't decided where. I don't want to go to the beach.
Me: You don't like beach holidays? Why?
V: Because it's usually quite boring. And I don't exactly need to get a tan.

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In trial all day today.
No funnies. Unless you consider me leaking ink on my white shirt funny.

Don't you just love it when your opponent comes up to you at the start of trial and say nonchalantly, "You know you are going to lose it to me so just take instructions to settle" ?

Sorry. Wrong tactic. Makes me just want to whip your ass.

Anyway, remember how you always talk to me like I'm an idiot? Guess what? I am an idiot just as you suspected all along! So what would I know, right? I know nothing!! (Including and not limted to the fact that I am going to lose to you.)

Anyway, there is no outcome
Written submissions. Judgement on date to be fixed. Usual course of events.

Ct: Written submissions are limited to 30 pages.
He: Your Honour, can we clarify if it is 30 single sides or 30 double sides?
Ct: *rolls eyes* 30 pages. Not 30 sheets of paper!

Oh! Someone asked me the other day how I dodge out of being attacked by the Court when it is obvious I am losing!

The words are:
"We stand guided by your Honour."
"If your Honour is not with me, may I proceed with my other point?"
"I have nothing further and we leave it to your Honour's discretion."
"If your Honour is inclined towards (the other party's argument), may I proceed to submit on the issue of costs?"

There is also, the perennial favourite of defence counsels:
"I do take your Honour's point but I have strict instructions to proceed with this matter and obtain a judgement on merits."

Remember that you only get better at grovelling by watching other people grovel.

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That feeling you get when you spent a long time typing up a document yesterday afternoon then came into work this morning to continue working on it and realised you forgot to save it when you left work yesterday.

When V came into my office yesterday, as usual I spilled water near my laptop. Then I had to leave abruptly and didn't clean it up completely.
So when I came into work this morning, the bottom row of my alphabets were not working.
It sucks to be me 😦

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I super hate Tuesday morning applications 😦

Me: It's 5.40pm already? I gotta leave and get somewhere at 6pm! Sorry!!
V: It's okay…
Me: It was slow afternoon until you showed up!
V: I only showed up 15 minutes ago…

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