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My associate tendered his resignation. According to him, he cannot see himself doing my type of work for the rest of his life. This is like same story every year.

The Buddha said: We should only invest emotionally in our colleagues after they have been here for 5 years.

I guess that is how he chooses to cope with the annual haemorrhage. Maybe I should adopt that attitude as well.

While I can teach people how to do my job well, I have long realized that I cannot teach people that most jobs are essentially quite boring and to be contented with what they have instead of running after faerie dust. That is something they have to find out and experience for themselves.

[On a completely separate note, I also wished that I could convince more people to walk away from emotionally abusive relationships but then things are never that simple; Walking away is always a decision you have to make for yourself.]

But oh well. There is naught to be done. At least we have one ready person to take over all of the work so I won’t have to kill myself doing all of it on my own.


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I keep coming here thinking that I need to write something but have absolutely nothing important or illuminating or funny to write at all.

I have entirely too many things to do and too many things to think about.

Last week, I got into a seriously epic fight with The Buddha ending with him buying me lunch while I ignored him throughout lunch, much to the discomfort of the other two people who were at the lunch.

I even wrote him an email thereafter detailing why I was mad at him, and spent the morning after while riding in the train to work thinking about any Plan B jobs I was capable of moving my entire set up into.

But then I got into work and we agreed to work at dealing with our issues so there was some kind of resolution to the unhappiness.

In the ordinary course of things, I should be at yoga class today but I am sitting at my desk because I cancelled yoga to do cross-examination with Commando for the trial we have tomorrow. He’s just gone off with all the questions and I should be getting ready to leave.

Some time ago, in an evening quite like this one, I wrote a long letter to someone I haven’t seen in ten years inviting him for a drink should he be so inclined. Sorry to say but there are no great reunions in the horizon. I am surprised that I am not at all disappointed. That must be a sign of aging.

I have to make a speech at my best friend’s wedding this Saturday.

I am tired and wordless.

I am really bored.

I should just go home and try harder tomorrow.

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