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Watching Winx with kiddies on TV –
Me: How to you fly in a babydoll dress without the whole world seeing your private parts?!
Husband: Magic!

After nights of cooking sugar, I realised that it always boils at about 103 to 104 for 5 mins before starting to climb again.
That's quite useful. I could heat it up to 103 then safely take a quick shower!


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Today is my "spare day" of the week because my trial yesterday was fixed for today as well. So technically, my diary is blocked. I have no hearinga or meetings.

Sat in the office twiddling my thumbs then decided to take a long lunch with some friends.

I wished all my Fridays could be spent this way.

One of those Fridays…

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The Prosecution had not adduced sufficient evidence to justify imposition of capital punishment on the grouns of deterrence.

Simi deterrence?? If you impose capital punishment, THE DUDE IS DEAD, EINSTEIN. He cannot be deterred from anything in the Hereafter!

We had a super exciting day in Court today complete with running around People's Park Complex looking for a photo developer to print pictures from an SD card.

I must say though that T's ability to get photographs out of mobile phones is in serious suspect.

In the end, we won!!
I turned to Trainee J and told her, "Okay, please bear in mind that it is not always this exciting."

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Me: Please eat your breakfast quickly. Stop looking around! Just put your head down and eat!
S: I can't, Mummy! My face will be all dirty!

How do you tell a successful farmer from others?
He is out standing in his field.

It arrives!
It's heavier than T's Lamy Vista, which is great! It writes quite well. I am pleased 😀

Maybe I need a more lurid green.

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I am getting a new cheap pen in the mail today which I am going to fill with green ink!

Perils of my job –
Someone I know went to visit accident scene and met with an accident there. -_-

My parcels didn't arrive today :((

I'm falling asleep at my nail technician's.
I think I need more sleep to kick this flu.

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My associate tendered his resignation. According to him, he cannot see himself doing my type of work for the rest of his life. This is like same story every year.

The Buddha said: We should only invest emotionally in our colleagues after they have been here for 5 years.

I guess that is how he chooses to cope with the annual haemorrhage. Maybe I should adopt that attitude as well.

While I can teach people how to do my job well, I have long realized that I cannot teach people that most jobs are essentially quite boring and to be contented with what they have instead of running after faerie dust. That is something they have to find out and experience for themselves.

[On a completely separate note, I also wished that I could convince more people to walk away from emotionally abusive relationships but then things are never that simple; Walking away is always a decision you have to make for yourself.]

But oh well. There is naught to be done. At least we have one ready person to take over all of the work so I won’t have to kill myself doing all of it on my own.

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Was ill all day.
Dragged my sorry ass into work, then left early to go sit at HDB to sign stuff. Went home and passed out till dinner time.
Left the kids at my parents' and came home to make lollipops for Seph's school bday celebration next week.
I am sooooo tired…

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