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She'd rather pay $25k more to someone than pay the Court $500 for video equipment for the trial?! I don't get it but yay! That frees up the first 2 weeks of May! Can I take leave?

And then we proceeded to fight over who is more entitled to take leave :/

I really believe that learning to handstand can break your fears in life.

So says the BeachYogaGirl.
I actually do believe that as well. Going into an inversion automatically changes the way you feel about a lot of things. And the euphoria you feel when you lift off is just…indescribable.

So I went to Court super early in the afternoon for a pre-trial conference because my opponent's secretary called and told me about it. She was supposed to check the location and let me know as well but she didn't.

In this same afternoon I have a whole buncha files to attend involving showing accudent videos. So I packed all the files and my laptop into my court bag and went off for the PTC.

Because I was carrying my laptop, my first stop in Court was the Bar Room. I fished out my PTC file then left the bag in the Bar Room and headed upstairs to find the PTC Court.

After being oppressed for half an hour, I returned to the Bar Room for the rest of my afternoon files. To my utter shock and horror, I find the lights off and the door locked with a sign "[Bar Room Uncle] is not feeling well and has gone to the doctor."

So I started freaking out given that my work laptop and all my un-done afternoon files are all inside!

Luckily, some calm and kind dude came along and suggested that I check with the security counter about unlocking the Bar Room. Which they did. So my afternoon was saved.

But because of the whole fiasco, I ended up at the end of the evil Wednesday afternoon queue and didn't finish until very late.

So I cancelled yoga class (thinking I could join Overlord, T, V and J for drinks after all) only to return to the office to find out that Overlord has completely forgotten about drinks.

So I stayed late and signed a buncha letters.


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20140427_193802[1]Champagne Truffle and I were having a discussion on lavender the other day during Secretaries’ Week lunch which reminded me of the little container-full of lavender I have stashed on my piano gifted to me by Patrick the Chef some years ago.

I’ve used it once to make lavender chocolate cake (not very successful because it was way too flowery) while The Other Half tried to use it to infuse cream for chocolate truffles. Thereafter, it lay forgotten on the top of my piano.

So the weekend past, I had to make a birthday cake for my mother-in-law and decided to re-visit the pot of lavender and my recipe for lavender chocolate cake (with a greatly reduced amount of lavender).

The result, I must say, was really quite lovely.


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It is amazing how everyone automatically peers out of my window when I say "I can see my house!"
And no, I can't actually see my house. It is a Warcraft 2 Flying Machine reference that no one gets and I wonder why I even bother making.
Like how when T says "I need to call Alice." I'll reply, "Who the f* is Alice?"
I'm too old to make popular references 😦

Overlord: Why can't you do drinks tomorrow?
Me: Because jumping into a hand stand is a very important part of my life.

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My crystal cave necklace 😀

I have a pain in my butt from jumping hand stands in Core class. Owwww…

Apparently on the way home from school, the kiddies ran off without my father and my father yelled at them.
When they got home, my mother had the following conversation with them:
She: 你们不见了怎么办?
A: 不要紧! 我会带弟弟回家!
S: 你不可以带我回家! 因为要过马路的!
These kids are really beginning to answer back.

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So T and I started talking about Lavender the other day and I remembered the container of lavender that Patrick the Chef gave to me.

"I've got a small container of lavender lying around some where. Do you want it?"
"I've got a 5kg bag of lavender! I bought it for my mother years ago and we still haven't done anything with it!"
"You could make lavender chocolate cake! I haven't made one of those in years!"

So today, I made a lavender chocolate cake for my mother-in-law.

It was really yummy 😀

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Dad: Why do I have to keep telling you not to make a racket in the corridors?
A: Because I am a kid!

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In my teens and early twenties:
"I want to lose weight to look hot."
After pregnancy:
"I want to lose weight to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes so that I don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe."
"I want to lose weight so that I can lift my entire body weight into a forearm stand."


On the way home in the car, my son said:
"Mummy, I had fun today."
Then he put on his sunglasses and stared out into the night.

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