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Self-explanatory pict of how my day has been.

When you were young didn't you lean back on swings and feel the wind on your face upside down?
That was my favourite feeling in the world.

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Pumpkin risotto for lunch

"I want to take a picture with the boat, Mummy."

And I don't want to shower every day!!!

I picked up my limited edition Parker "Big Red" IM Fountain from the Parker counter today. It came with a converter. Yay.
I realised that all my bottled inks are at work. Fail.
Sigh. Guess I gotta wait till Tuesday (since I will be in trial all day tomorrow wtf).

One of them is on my cross ex. The other on my briefcase.
I've been writing questions since 4pm. This shit had better happen tomorrow!!

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Husband requested for a coffee chiffon cake for his birthday this year.
I am watching the cake in the oven while doing cross ex for my trial on Monday.

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All done before lunch πŸ˜€

Weekend work, UHT milk, fresh pedicure and that undecided Alexander McQueen dress.

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Colour (with sombre shoes)

Meeting someone I've never met before –
He: Walking towards [location] now.
Me: I'm here already. I have an Orange Handbag.

I put on the third movement of Rach 2 at my desk and was just remindes of how much I love it.

Now I know what Overlord sometimes feels like.
Someone just called me to complain about V not answering his mail.

After Power class today, I am temporarily unnable to stand on one leg.

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Human beings need to watch out for reasonless niceness too. It's never reasonless and its reason's not usually nice.

Said the very mandarin-proficient T to his very mandarin-speaking client:
ζˆ‘ε«ζˆ‘ηš„εŒδΊ‹θ·Ÿδ½ ζ₯εΎ€."

Telecon with Overlord –
He: Are you guys done?
Me: We're next.
He: Okay. I'll wait. Let's go for lunch after.
Me: You want to eat at F*Hotel?
He: Yes. And you owe me lunch.
Me: What the hell! What did I do again?
He: You mean what did I do for you. I didn't give Stalker your number when he asked me for it!
Me: What?! What did you tell him?! "Look! A bird!!!"
He: I lied to him. I told him you were in a full day hearing.
Me: That's not so bad. I thought you told him I had no phone.

He: That would be too blatant. He said he used to have your number.
Me: Yes. When he texted me at 11pm to tell me goodnight I blocked him.
He: I also told him the truth. I told him that you would kill me if I gave him your number. But I could pass the message.
Me: What the hell!! Okay this is just creepy. But yes, I will buy you lunch.
He: Great! See you guys later!

And later, someone said to me:
"I didn't know you had such a sweet smile! But you don't ever smile at me like that!"


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In the silence in this space, I have taken my disappointment and baked it into a Chocolate Rum Tart as follows:


The next day, I turned the leftover egg whites into meringues and brought them to work together with my crunchy molasses toffee for treats during my work day:


I decided that nothing I say could make a difference to what others think about me. As such, I decided also that if I have nothing good to say, I will say nothing at all and screw what others think of me in the silence. That decision has been quite liberating thus far.

I supposed disappointment is a bit like a bitter chocolate tart. One must always remember that all you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream to improve its taste vastly.


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